Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That's amazing!

I just got a group notice of one of my beloved groups, the "S&S Gallery" founded by Stefanik Dagostino. He asked us, if we are interested in a hunt. Well, of course!! Stefanik would like to set up a 1 prim box, including a LM to the next place. I'm so glad, that I'm almost finished with my new land :) After some minutes he showed up and gave me the "Inspector" :) So, for one, I love hunts and for the other hand, it's a great way to introduce my new land and project to all SL residents. He told me it will be a fast hunt, and the first one will get a wonderful art as prize. How nice is that?! Normally you grap some free stuff of different SL places, but this one is more interesting, because you will get an art! For sure, I will inform you, when the hint is opened :) But then you know? You have to hurry! lool

Well, anyway. Yesterday, I was searching for a cute garden furniture on XstreetSL, well I found an adorable one, with great sit animation. A link on the page lead me to their InWorld store and well, next time I should try them out before I buy them blind! lool It looks really great, but when you sit on it, you shouldn't write or say anything :) The write animation doesn't really fit and doesn't show in any way manners :( You look like more laying lazy on the chair :( It isn't really that what I wanted. But well, I don't give up to look for a cute one. And btw. what do I expect by spending 150 L$?!?! The garden still looks boring :( What about a swing?! I have seen one yesterday....Oh my! Where did I see it?! No wonder that my inventory looks like a lady's handbag pfff too much useless stuff in it! :) Hmm maybe I should ask my gf how she is managing her inventory loool *vdpcb*