Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What an amazing skybox...

After over 1 year and a laptop death I decided to try again SL and wow! Things have changed. My old landmarks doesn't really work anymore and a new SL viewer. I barley remember this one, but I tried hard to decline it. But now with my new laptop I can sneak into SL and can explorer SL new. Art hasn't changed. It is still a hobby. I love to find new interesting places and to play around with the environment editor and when I don't like something I erase it with Photoshop 7.
And I still check the SL marketplace. Today I found something which made me breathless! I'm sure this one exists for long, but today finally I found it too ;).

[what next] Coastal Loft Skybox Furnished

Awesome skybox!! I wish I would have a place to set it up in SL. And bw. I wish I would have so much Lindens to buy it :(. This skybox is great! I love it! Well done! I'm not so into SL homes or so, but this one wow!

Here some pics to get an idea about what I'm talking ;). Well, I guess I have to start saving some Lindens ;). I want this one!

Good luck! ;)