Sunday, July 19, 2009


Guys!! A new hunt!!! I just saw it on the Make Him Over blog. Awwwwwww!! It's called the Pro Poser Hunt. Na, they still work on it, but it should start on 15th of August. Visit the ProPosers blog to read more about it and to be updated ;). Hmmm, gut entry message on this site..."You suck....And we don't like you" Hehehe Cool statement, folks!!!

Mushroomaniac ;)

When you have a new home, you try to make it so comfy as possible. I had a look on xstreetsl and found a lot of cute things ;). On my mind were to get a romantic and breath taking bath tub. I think after a lot of time and articles, I found a lovely one. Oh, it was one which I liked and also the style hmmmm lovely ;). But I learned from my mistakes on xstreetsl and so I decided to tp to this store. And indeed, wow, I was very surprised to see it InWorld and of course, I tried it out :).
You know me and I'm horrible nosy. Pfff. I had a closer look at this store, it's called Lauwarme Main Store at T2 Studio. The owner and creator, Emina Jewell, loves to create pieces with details. From a cute tea set up to jewerly or furniture, there is no limit set for her creative side :). She is from Japan and she also writes a blog, but, puuuhhh, I'm not very well in Japanese and so I tried the translator. Hmmm, well, bad thing at this, it only translate what the translator thinks it is to translate. Pffff. Anyway, Emina Jewell started around 2007 with jewerly creations and with the time her skills grew and her ideas are lovely. You also can see her stuff on xstreetsl :). You can read her blog, here and see her pics, here ;). Well, you shouldn't wonder about the language, I'm a visual person and so I only need pics, but you can try to use a translator, but I wouldn't, it messed up more as I understood. She also created a cute sofa set, called RoseSofa Set. Looks cute too. This time I choose to get these adorable mushrooms with 2 different sit animations, well only 80 L$. So, It doesn't cost the world and they look awesome in the garden. When I took the pics, you can see some little white sparks, which spread out of the mushroom. Cute!
And well, I couldn't resist. I had to go there again to get this lovely kitchen gardening set. Ok, the price were 250 L$, but as you can see, it's very relaxing and I do something productive :). Damn it! Where were the carrots again?! Pff This box isn't so big, that I can't find them!!! Pfff. I guess after this I need an extra rest on the couch in front of my TV. Hehehe
But guess what! I always forgot to get this bath tub! Damn it!! Loooool

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Before Sleep :)

I should get dressed. Well, today was a busy day, I sorted out old stuff and I opened new gift boxes. Yes! I know! I'm not done yet Pfff. Is it my fault, when the designers create such cool and good clothes?! I guess, not. :) You can't blame me for this ;).

So therefor, I don't want to hide this cute shirts ;) It came in the box of the JFTG Hunt number 59. And it looks soooo cute. Do you see the little kitty? Awwwww! It is showing her cute little tongue hehehe. Na, and the little sad panda?? Great! I do love these shirts. Well, they came with other shirts too, but hmmm, no, this 2 ones are my favorites. So did you get nosy?? I hope. You can get them until 31st of July, as gift hunt :). You can find them at "Before Sleep". Better you get there before it is sold out :). Bad part :( it isn't transferable! :(
Well, I thought, I would be done with this post, but when I wrote it, the title remained me on something....One sec! I'll show you....

HA! What do you say to this?? Looool. That's my Batman Pj's. I got it at the MHO Hunt, gift number 146 ;). Hmmm, well, as kid I loved it. The cartoon version was funny, stupid but, funny :). So now I wear my pj's and so I'm ready to go to bed. Nighty night, folks!

A Trip to...

Noman's Land Chernobyl 2009, a photographic exhibition based on photographs by random_nut (click random_nut for his pictures on flickr).On 26 of April 1986 at 0123am UTC one of the reactor at the Chernobyl plant, Ukraine, exploded. The explosion and the fire sent their high radioactive fallout into our atmosphere and covered a bright range of the Ukraine itself. This fallout was 4 hundred times more worst as the atomic bomb of Hiroshima, during World War II, 1945. The plume wandered over parts of western Soviet Union, Eastern, Nothern and Western of Europe, eastern North America and nuclear rain over Ireland. The Ukraine, Belarus and Russia were heavy contaminated. Over 336,000 people got evacuated.
In memorian to all people, which died and still contaminated through their family history, the Poets of Zarahemla opened a place in SL to show you pictures about the place and to bring you this horrible accident near. At this place you will find also a wonderful poem by Ingeborg Apfelbaum and Mathoni Zuhrah. Which inpires you, to think about it, in a closer way. A lot of people heard about it, but do we really know what happened their?

Well, I remember, when I was 8 years and we heard on the radio about this accident. We were shocked, devasted and scared. We knew it also could come to us and it is also possible that it could happen one day at us. I live in a country where we also have Nuclear Power Plant and I don't want to know, how many accidents there were without our knowing. At this time, it was forbidden to eat vegetables from open farms, animal products were controlled on a higher level. All were scared to eat something where nuclear rain fell down and got into the food chain. Indeed, it wasn't a good time at all. But we started to live with it, we learned to handle our daily life with the option we could get something which is contaminated. As kid, you worry about everything and anything. You have a closer view to things and closer feelings. I know we talked about it at school and we worried about the other kids there. Then after a while we heard about the Chernobyl children, kids which were born to this time. We saw pictures and we saw the pain and the fear in their kids eyes.

I don't want you to feel bad about what happened there. I only want you not to forget, how horrible we can be. We create things and don't think about it, how it could hurt others, could destroy their lifes or in worst cases, could change their life completly. Are we here on earth to destroy? Or are we here to find a balance to live together without hurting other people?

And don't forget to grab a copy of the POZ CHERNOBYL EXHIBITION SOUVENIR BOOK. I studied it at home and there are a lot of interesting parts in it.


As the title of this post says, I tried out the Python outfit by Santero. Yeah looool. JFTG Hunt gift number ?!?! Hmmm, good question. Pfff I guess I should write such things down. I haven't any overview, now. Ok, wait! One sec, pls! Mah! By over 5000 items! Hey! Well, for a guy are 5000 items are a lot. We haven't so many shoes or clothes like girls :). Na, we have other stuff instead of it loooool. Oh hush! Shouldn't mention my Sex-Hud Looooool.

Anyway, I opened my gift number 45 (See! I founded it!) Hehehe, and put it on. Hmmm, well, I guess, I have to get used to it. Indeed, the jeans and the shirt WOW looked great, BUT! these shoes???? Not serious! Ok, they are the reason why the outfit is named "Python". Cowboy boots and the belt with Python texture. Na! Doesn't it sound interesting to you? Want to see the outfit in all the bright? Ok. Hold on!

So, I made a original one and a "Kristian" one. Hehehe. The shades are great! Awwwww. I look so cool :) I only took off the belt :( (not modify! Pff And I don't change my shape so that it would fit.) Well, the earrings were cute. I only changed the cowboy boots to my favorite KBoots and that was it. Added some of my accessories stuff and voila! There we go! :)

The gift comes with, the BlackOstrich Belt, Pentacle Ear stud gold (Gosh! Don't like gold jewerly!), Santero Python Blue Jacket, Santero Python Blue Pants, Shoes (as seen on the pic above) and the Santero Shades MidNight Mamba (Hmm Python? Mamba? Ok, shouldn't think about this part).
I guess, you have to decide on your own, if you like it or not ;). I can't help loool. So, I will wearing the shades, the jeans and the jacket...Hmm...Yeah, I like it! :)

Take a bow

You all know, how much I adore one of SL top photographer's, Monroe Snook. I remember, when I saw her art on Koinup. It was amazing. I couldn't stop looking at her art. She was one, which inspired me, to try SL photography with different windlight settings and now I'm addicted to it :).
A while ago, on 3th of July this year, the Zanphoria Gallery & Studio, which is located in the Avalon Art District of Tabula rasa, invited Monroe Snook to present her SL and RL photography art. Oh, Sapphoria Shilova, the owner of the gallery knows exactly who she invited ;). On the 2nd floor you find Monroe Snook's RL work and at the entry of the gallery are her SL work.

"Many of Monroe's works are award winning from various SL photo and Koinup SL photo contests. Her work has been featured in many blogs, SL magazine articles and SL Best of Best. She is a featured artist of Avatriat, has illustrated short stories, and has exhibited a few pieces SL photography in RL galleries. She is also a featured artist at the Museum of SL Photograhy, Orange Island, and part of a permanet exhibit at SL campus of Loyola Marymount University"
-- Monroe Snook's Information Notecard
It's hard to show you all her wonderful work, is it RL or SL :). Better you have a look on your own, because each of us has another view for art. For me she is one of the best and also others think that ;). So Eves Rodenberger and Monroe Snook are my inspiration ;). I know, I will never be so fantastic or will take such stunning pictures, but it' s good to have people, which inspire you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Naftali Torok

Today, I got a group notice for a live concert...Hmm..Well, you know me, I'm curious hehehe. And I thought a little break from trying clothes would be a good idea. Before my inventory would explode from all the new incredible gifts ;).

I took the SL cab and found myself at Music Island. The concert started at 1pm SLT and Naftali Torok was the artist. She is from Holland and WOW! I do love classic, especially when it is mixed with pop. It sounds amazing. She is one of the best SL artists, and she plays fiddle. But with such an abandon. Really impressive! Tonight, Naftali took us away to a musically trip through the roots of European music. We heard Bulgarian and Polish folk music mixed with gypsy jazz.
Please pay attention to the guy in the red circle! Loool I was the only one which wear the concert lighters Pfff. They haven't any sense for humor ;). I have to confess, I didn't understand each word. It was in a foreign language, but it wasn't important, because it was the sound the performing which fascinated me.

I made some snapshots :). And indeed, it was a very interesting event. For this I love SL. In this world there come so many people together, nevermind which race or language they speak ;).

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Favorite one

Yeah! I found again a favorite outfit from the JFTG Hunt ;). I always get so excited, when I find wonderful and good looking quality clothes. This set (pants and sweater) comes from GQ Fashion . Well, they haven't only great female clothes and stuff. NO! Also for us guys they have a small corner ;). Well, be honest! Better than nothing loooool. Today, I tp'd to the store and found a cute shirt and one pants on SALE!! Ha! Too bad, that I forgot to change money. Pfff. But until I have change it, I will wear this stunning outfit ;). I'm not helpless looool.
JFTG Hunt gift number 48, GQ Fashion, Super Dark Blue Wash Jeans, Sweater Black (the scarf I have stolen the scarf from the JFTG Hunt gift number 33, Hogwash, Scarf Hogwash - Rapture Scripted Scarf ;))

You shouldn't miss the ON SALE stuff!! Hurry, before they are sold out! :)

A touch of Surreal

Well, I'm still trying out all the gifts from the JFTG Hunt :). 70 gifts, soooo, a lot changing of clothes. And this for me!? I guess, I'm the only one which needs hours to change only a shirt Pfff. So be polite and understand that I can only go step by step with showing you the real good looking ones. Well, each of us has other style desires ;). I bet. For example, I'm very, really, very picky! Especially with jeans I have so my problems ;). In some clothes I look like a bounded sausage Pfff. And then I'm disappointed and the just bought stuff wanders into the "Wrong Shopping" folder :(. I don't think about the L$. I guess in RL I would be more carefully what I buy :).

So, I found this cute and good fitting jeans at Surreal ;). A nice looking store and a good sortiment of well done clothes.
JFTG Hunt gift number 37, A Touch of Surreal Design, Surreal - low waisted jeans (do I haven't a cute, hot butt?!?! Hehehehe)

Yes, I know! Pff I should change my shoes more, but you haven't any idea how comfy they are. Got them at KBoots ;) See one of my older post about it. Loool YES! Also found the shoes on one of the hunts :).
So see, the hunts aren't only for girls! And I promise you, it's a lot of fun. Ok, sometimes you get frustrated, when you search and search and cam and cam and you can't find it!!!! I always wait then on other hunters and check them out ;). Loooool
I have to go and to try out further :). Good Luck, buddies!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Once again...

I found a cute little store on a hunt ;). This one is very interesting, because they have belts with various buckles. So now it's you, which can choose between a fret belt or do you prefer a controller freak belt? Hmmm, what about a scientist belt? Yeah, sure this one would be better loool. The store is called END Main Store - do you like beans on toast? Cute, isn't it? Hehehe
Well, I'm not a fan of crazy accessories. I'm simple and old-fashioned. When I searched for the JFTG Hunt gift in the store (be sure they hide it very well Pff) I also found this cute and good looking pullover. You get this one in 5 different colors and it is unisex. The package includes and please pay attention on these items. 3 collar (L, M, S) to wear on chest, 3 collar (L, M, S) to wear on spine, this is very comfy, when you like to wear a necklace too ;). And also it includes the sleeves (R & L; L, M, S). For the price of 150 L$ you get a really good quality. I only had to adjust the collar, but well, show me one item in SL which you haven't to adjust or edit? :)

On this pic:

Pullover by END Main Store - do you like beans on toast? Old money pullover - red 150 L$

Pants JFTG Hunt gift number 21 by DYN Funky Clothes from the UK, DYN Jack Jeans

Pose by Essential Soul *A Little Lace II* Freebie
Wow! Look at this cute outfit!! Awwwww! I found a lot cute outfits there. Indeed, I should have a closer look at DYN looool. Very popular in female clothes, but the guy clothes didn't look so bad, too. Na, I guess at my next post ;).


NO ONE moves or leaves the room and the country!!! What happened to my home, folks???? Where did it go???

Didn't I pay the rent??? Hmm, I really can't remember it, but normally I get 2 days before my rent ends a message. Hmmm, I'm sure I paid it. Pfff

Now I'm stranded at the next available place....Guess where?? Scenic Ambat Infohub, lovely!! I haven't any time for this kind of fun! I want home, I want to try out all the others gifts, which i hunted. And NO! I don't want to go to such a sandbox! I'm a very private person and I'm not used that everytbody see my naked butt! Pffff There are to many stalker, you know? I have my pride. So then let's have a look at the SL blog, maybe they have again some very very important maintenances! And when we are at the word "maintenances", the blogger site would also need one. Pfff Or better I should blame my laptop for it?! Hmmm No, better not, before he decides to pass away. Don't need that right now. Yes, I'm online addicted. Oh my please! All my friends live in it!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

JFTG Hunt Gifts 2nd Part

Soooo, I made also this hunt :) 70 stores..Hmmm...Well, wasn't very easy and the store owner are very tricky. Pfff But now I need a lot of time to unpack all the gifts and to try them out, as usual. I don't want to hide all my cool stuff loool. I like this one below:

JFTG Hunt number 26, Toxic Orange, Tronik Mask - Black

Cute isn't it??!! Hehehehe I bet, there are a lot friends which would love that I waer it alwalys :)

This is JFTG Hunt number 24, Robbish, shirt Rob - Style 1, pants Rob - Black Denim

I'm not sure about the shirt, it's very colorful and I'm not the type for such shirts, but I do like the pants :)

Ok, as you can see, I didn't get far :( But updates will follow :) Be sure!
Oh and when you would like to know, where I got this cute necklace, just in case. I got it from LacieCakes, it is called Black Cord Photo NL for men. It is soo adorable ;) You can put your own pictures in it, maybe a good gift idea for your beloved one?!

Monday, July 6, 2009

JFTG Hunt Gifts

I wanted to show you this adorable and cute shirt! As you can guess, I found it on my JFTG Hunt :). The store is not very huge, more small and the owner doesn't offer much clothes. But the clothes they offer are amazing! Please pay attention to this well made wrinkles. It looks like they would reflect their shadows on the shirt. WOW! Really wonderful work. I adore it. Ok, it isn't the gift. No, I saw this shirt there and had to buy it :). The store is called Robbish at Star Land.

The shirt is called "Rob" Black and White 1 You can get it for only 99 L$. Well, for this price to get such a good quality is still impressive!

Better to get there and check out the cute store. I will add them to my favorite clothes store :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

There's a new hunt in town, guys!

And it is called the "Just For The Men! Hunt" ;). So one hunt is over and the next one is starting. Awwwww I love that. I guess it has to do with the summer, you know? In summer it's mostly the time where people aren't so often in SL. Maybe they try on this way to get traffic. Well, not sure, just a thought I had. Also for this hunt you will find a lot of hints on the hunt locations blog.

Since days, after I heard about a new hunt for guys, I cant wait to start with it. But as you know, exactly in these times RL keeps you busy :). But anyway, today I started at my first locaction the "Kmadd Store".

At the Juice Store, my beloved friend Taylia and I found this cute and crazy muesli bowl. Looool Well, the pose said "milk paddle", ok. So you look when you paddle milk???!!! It was fun, though. We laughed so much about all these funny and silly poses. Besides the muesli bowl there was a sign and for 250 L$ you can be also a proud owner of such a bowl. Looool Awesome, isn't it?!

Here from the front. I got, I guess, around 1 litre milk in my nose. Pffff But I heard milk is good for the skin. I'm Cleopatra!!! YEAH! Loooool
I liked the polo shirts there ;). Hmm, I have to go back there looooool.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everything new!!

So, I finally decided, I need a change...Hmmm, so I started to move my living room furniture, but I didnt like it anymore :( There weren't any cute poses in the couch and also it looked used. I checked out some interesting blogs for good looking and quality furniture. On my I-need-new-furniture-journey I found a really lovely store. It's called "Heart's Desire". I really can't remember, where I found it, but as soon I was at the store I made a LM. They sell all kind of furniture, also the ones which I so adore. These are furniture where you don't see the pose balls and when you sit on them, you get a menu and you can choose from them. Well, sounds like The Loft furniture ;). But I wasn't in the mood to get the next furniture from The Loft and I thought, there must be also other furniture stores out there :).

So I asked my friend, Taylia, if she could have a look, because it's always good to have a "girl-approved" furniture :). Na, who knows?! In SL you have to be prepared and you have to be spontaneous. Taylia loved them too, but the couches we tried out, I couldn't find the poses which I would like to have in it. So I gave up on this store, but still, it is a cute store, with really wonderful furniture and they upstairs you find a little romantic love corner :). Just in case you need a gift for your beloved one.

Also a very good place to look for furniture is XstreetSL. I do love this marketplace. There you find everything what starts with silly things and ends with useful things to make your SL even better. I went through a lot of interesting furniture, but then I saw it! Yes! This sounds good, I thought. After realizing that there isn't any demo to try out InWorld, I decided that 500 L$ wouldn't hurt me at all, if it would be not good enough for me. I'm sure you know this feeling, you just bought something really incredible and you can't wait to open it. Awwwww, I couldn't wait to recieve it! I got it, finally! I rezzed the box and opened it. Soooo, when I rezzed the first living room, it puts out everything. Well, the creator linked it so and of course! It rezzed in this way which I didn't want it! Pffff I had to move each furniture on myself. Why do I buy furniture in SL, when I have to move them all on my own like in RL!? Ok, minus for this. But a BIG plus for the furniture. I'm soo excited about it. It's lovely and it feels sooo comfy to lay on the couch.

But as you can see on the pictures, I didn't make a bad job. Well, it took my a lot of time and nerves, but in the end it was accomplished ;). The furniture is a creation by Pets Ulich, which owns a store in SL with a lot of accessories for beach settings.
Below some information about these furniture (I copied it from the XstreetSL site hehehe). So that you know what all you get for 500 L$:
- 3 plants, 5 prims each (+1 per shadow)
- 1 lamp, 3 prims
- 5 wall pictures, 2 prims each
- 2 amphoras, 4 prims each (+1 per shadow)
- 1 incense, 3 prims
- 1 chimney, 12 prims (+1 for shadow), with 2 animations on cushion.It has animated fire with particles, make some smoke,has flexi flames and crack fire sound
- 1 foot stool, 1 prim (+1 for shadow)
- 1 sofa, 3 prims (+1 for shadow), with 3 different sits
- 1 sofa, 6 prims (+1 for shadow), with 3 different sits for 2
- 1 sofa, 13 prims (+2 for shadow), with 5 different sits on cushion, 3 different sitson book, and 5 different couple sits
- 1 sofa, 12 prims (+2 for shadow), with 4 different sits on cushions, and 4 differentcouple sits
- 2 rugs, 1 pim each
- 1 low table with vase, 3 prims (+ 1 for shadow)
- 1 living room table, 5 prims, with 2 different sits
- 1 table, 5 prims, (+ 1 for shadow) with 4 cushions each with 4 different sits
- 2 tables, 10 and 9 prims (+ 1 per shadow) with 4 cushions each with 4 different sits
This you get ;). The furniture are no copy, no modify, no transfer. Sometimes annoying. And also the shadows aren't linked with the furniture which needs it. So you have to take care and be sure that you add also the shadow before you move it ;). All the pieces are phantom.
Well, I do love my new living room and this time my house doesn't look soo empty. Now I'll looking for some furniture for the rest rooms of my lovely home ;).