Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Bye Cetus Gallery

Once again it's time to say Good Bye to an amazing place of SL. I wrote about the Second Sweden, which left SL on 29th of May this year, now I want to write about Cetus Gallery and show some pictures of this place. We all know SL provides and supports a lot of individuals to get connected. Also the Cetus Gallery was one of them. It brought artists and people from all over the world together and to share their experience and ideas.
Well, SL hosts a numberous of galleries and places where artists and admirer can meet and discuss about their works. And one of them were the Cetus Gallery.
An adorable building created by Kaja Lurra. She always fascinates me with more of her work. Cetus Gallery was founded in the year 2006 by Xander Ruttan, who describes himself as an SL estate developer and community builder. RL, Ruttan is an arts and culture writer, an artist and musician and a former assistant director of a contemporary art gallery.

I think at this point pictures are saying more as tousend words ;)

Street view

now empty gallerie rooms :(

A tribute to Second Sweden...

with a sad heart, Kaja showed me one of her famous work in landscaping, Second Sweden. On 29th of May this year, Second Sweden performed their last SL presence. Kaja were a part of this great place. Together with her friend Carina, she built up an adorable place in SL, Stockholm’s Old City, Gamla Stan. Second Sweden were built to bring people from all over the world together.

It didn’t matter for what you were looking. Dancing, shopping, wandering, eating, drinking, listening to music or just hanging out with your friends. And at the cute pizzeria, you had a great view of the typical Swedish houses. I want to show you some pictures of Second Sweden, taken by Kaja Lurra. Second Sweden will be gone, but never forgotten in the minds of the creators, founder and supporter.

Kaja's favorite side street of Stockholm’s Old City, Gamla Stan

It invites to relax and to enjoy the atmosphere

Thursday, May 28, 2009


It was such an adorable, lovely, gorgeous party! Mariko Nightfire and Jaysun Dagger organized a great party on Mariko's sim Opar. What an amazing sim! Btw. created also by Kaja Lurra ;) Surprised?! I'm not loool Together with Mariko, Kaja designed a wonderful, inspiring sim. And these lovely, japanese lanterns. Awwww! We started at the meadow behind the Southpoint Yacht Club. We got the order to bring our horses with us. Well, when I get such an order, I want to wear the best matching outfit ;) And so it happened that I spend almost my whole afternoon in searching for the best clothes. I checked out each possibility. But it is, indeed, very hard to find clothes which I have on my mind. I wanted to look awesome, handsome, with a little sparkling of dangerous. Looool I delved among websites, tp'd from one shop to the other one, until I found the right outfit :)

I was really sad, because I love to take pics, but the more people on a sim, the more my graphic card doesn't like it. And so I only can look on Kaja's friends blog ;) But they took wonderful pics of the unique moments of Kaja's Birthday party.
See them on Mariko's and Lessa Donner's blog ;) Girl's? I adore your pictures!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful, memorable evening with Kaja's friends ;)

Horse: S Haras Black Horse - Western Style


SF Designs Trench Coat - Charcoal
The Maverick Western Outfit 1.5 (Shirt, Undershirt, Western Bowtie) seen on Xstreet SL
Hat by Deadwool Aidan Hat dark/laced

Weapon: 1873 Peacemaker silver version seen on Xstreet SL

On the next morning, Kaja sent me her Birthday Book, which she got from Lessa. Studying through the great pictures. Lessa packed the pictures into a SL book and it's soooo cute! You only need to sit there and to enjoy ;) Thank you to Kaja for sending me and thank you to Lessa to made such a lovely memory :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Designing Worlds - Matanzas

Well, yesterday I told you about on of the famous designer of SL. Kaja Lurra was on the show Designing Worlds and she was great! She surprised the tv team with a hidden rainforest, with an adorable mediation place and impressive waves. The island is open for public and you are welcome to join a walk through the rainforest, in case you find them :), and to dance under an amazing made flora. You have to pay attention on the shadows. The lightly moving of the palms reflects on the ground. I never saw before such a detailed work!
In case you missed the show or don't know where to find it. Here is the link :) Designing Worlds - Matanzas. Enjoy it, you will be surprised how lovely a home can look ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kaja Lurra

Some posts ago I told you about Kaja Lurra. Well, it was funny how we met looool Kaja was very honest and told me, she has chosen me, because of MY shoes! :)

Kristian Ordinary: but i guess all girls are picky
Kaja Lurra: I am :)
Kaja Lurra: And I picked you lol
Kristian Ordinary: hmm thats right :)
Kaja Lurra: Because you have good shoes and a nice shirt and looks nice :)
Kristian Ordinary: well there are a lot of guys so im sure it wasnt so easy to pick :)
Kaja Lurra: Well you were the only one who was not a noob lol
Kristian Ordinary: thats the only reason why u picked me?
Kaja Lurra: no you have nice shoes also
Kristian Ordinary: lool

But anyway, this adorable lady isn't only a great RL and SL photographer, she is one of the famous landscaper of SL. Kaja showed me her sim and it was amazing! She knows how to set details and the right accent. Do you get nosy? ;) I'm sure. If you would like to see more of her landscaping work, you get the chance! TONIGHT!! See Kaja Lurra at the Meta Makeover show! Join us at 2pm SLT!! Designing Worlds studios on Northpoint!!

Welcome to Sheriwood

My dear friend invited me to an exploration through the forests of Sheriwood. I'm nosy and so I joined her :) Well, before you get there, you should really change your clothes. Loool The elves didn't look very excited when I got there in my jeans, shirt and baseball cap ;) But no worries, you can get free clothes for female and male at the welcome area. The places, Tirion Upon Tuna & Tirion Hunting Forest, are lovely! Walking through the nature, explorering hidden caves. Please be carefully! There are dragons! No, I'm not kidding! Per accident we fell in a dragon cave and there were pieces of the last victim. The best part of their philosophy is: "It is forbidden in our lands to destroy life." The RP based on the books and stories of the literary works of Tolkien.

After my feet started to hurt, we decided to sit down and let flow our both impressions.

Sheriwood lives in harmony with a group of loosely-related Sims known as the Builders of Arda (BoA). It is, indeed, worth a trip! The inspiration and the love for details reflects at these places.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I just found back...

to my lovely photography :) The whole day I hop in and out of SL, finding new places and check out my old ones. Here some of my new works:

I call it "feeling orange" :) taken at Error
Error, is one of my favorite places to take pictures, it is a small island, not many people there and NO LAG! loool

This one I took at Mystery, an English village with small clothes, furniture shops. There you can find 7seas :)
All my pictures are also on Koinup....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How long didn't I post?!?!?!

Hmm, I'm sure over some weeks ago :) Well, I have to confess, I needed the time. RL kept me busy and SL didn't fit in my life. So I took some weeks off :) But! Yesterday, I thought about my blog when I met this girl in SL. She is amazing! Her work adorable! And so I decdided to reopen my blog again. I want to show you her work. Kaja of Sweden photography! Her RL and SL art is amazing. Per accident we met loool no news I always meet interesting people per accident :) We started to talk and later she showed me her gallery in SL. I was so fascinated that I had to buy a work of her. We talked about Koinup too, where she uploaded her SL pictures. Kaja loves to explorer SL and when she finds interesting places which catches her eyes, she takes pictures of it. Well, who not?! Loool Visit her gallery and have a look on her Koinup site ;) I bet you will be fascinated too :) It's amazing how SL brings people together *ivd*
I will start soon back to my old blog schedule, all needs their time ;)