Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July...

is one of the biggest day in the United States. It's a day to remember, a day with history and a day to spend it with your whole family.

The Independence Day commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. A little history :):  During the year 1776 the American colonies of the eastcoast had a fight with the King of Great Britain. The reason for this war, the Americans fighted for their rights and didn't want to be subordinate to Great Britain. The war started 1775 and the longer it took, the more the warriors thought it has to do with something bigger. Not only to be treated in a better way...they wanted to be separated from the Kingdom of Great Britain. In the year 1776, after voting for Independence, which had been prepared by a Commitee of Five..remember Thomas Jefferson....the Declaration finally approved it on the 4th of July.

In SL it is also a BIG day :). I found a nice place with freebies and a firework, which is very important for a day like this. It's called SUMMER TOWN USA! in Elizabeth Town.
You will find everything what you need for the perfect celebration :). BBQ, picnic area,...
This was so much fun!! You better should take of your clothes and wear some swimsuit. I had to change clothes after this..hehehe
Hmmm...Pie Eating Contest?!
Yummy! Couldn't resist. The pies looked so delicous and fresh baked, so I had to join :).
At one of the stores I found a bigger cake!! With fireworks on the top of it....
Oh! Wow! Long time ago I did this the last time! I remains me on my childhood! It's not only for girls!!
A march with the guys is necessary. You shouldn't miss it!! Turn on your music and walk with them! You find the suitable uniform plus an instrument right there!
And one cute attraction is the face painting! I tried it out and after searching it on my whole body I found it on my cheek ;). Don't get frustrated if you don't find it in the first place..I got a cute ladybug!

Be proud to be an American! Show it and remember all the fallen soldiers, which were fighting to protect our country! So go ahead and have fun! Celebrate it! Happy 4th of July!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of my favorite SL artist...

is Eves Rodenberger. She is awesome..hmm, well I never met her, but I lover her work :). Eves is besides Monroe Snook, one of a bunch of SL artists, which I adore. I could name u a hundred more! Some of their art I can say, I understand what they want to express, but some I haven't any clue :(. Last week I got a group notification from Studio 33. Of course, I had to go there and to look at them :).

I also met a cute little guy, which welcomed me. Heck! Is he cute, but after he showed me his tongue..he wasn't cute anymore, more like a sassy guy :). But anyway.....
After I passed this little, sassy puppy, with his sunglasses, I went thru the gallery. I like it, to walk thru galleries and to look at the different works from artists. Then I found Rodenberger's.
Crommhold by Eves Rodenberger

Spring at the Beach by Eves Rodenberger

Thinking of You by Eves Rodenberger (left)
Warm Spring breeze by Eves Rodenberger (right)

I like the way she uses windlight :). She is really an inspiration to me an dI guess to a lot of others in SL. When you google her name, the result is amazing! She is one of the top artists!

I hope you enjoy her work as I do :). Visit Studio 33! Eves isn't the only artist there and they are all worth a look :). Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breeze by Inside Prefabs

In my last post I talked about 2 house skyboxes I want to show you...there we go...e voilĂ ....
At this one, I love the garden, not linked with the house. But without a pool :(. It comes with 2 story and 193 prims and needs around 1024 sqm. Not so bad, when you remember the Basic one. Of course, you will get your free update for life, security system, blinds, lockable doors, radio and "lights 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors". The huge metal gateway is unique and gives the whole place an impressiv look.

It's just a little bit smaller ;). I took a closer look and what I found I want to show you....

It's adorable! At this one, the furniture isn't linked with the rest of the house skybox, so you can move or delete them, whatever you prefer ;). I really like the curtains. In the past, I remember I had only houses without curtains :(...hmm, maybe I got the wrong ones ;). The couch is also adjustable and comes with MLP 98 high quality cuddles animations.
Doesn't it look cute? You will also find the hot tube, which makes bubbles ;). And you will find a kitchen, just in case, some uninvited friends will come by..don't worry the fridge is filled :). At the 2nd floor you find a terrace with an umbrella and an animated rug. Perfect for romance.
At the bedroom, you have behind the bed and in front the open sight. I'm sure at night, when the stars are coming out and the moon, it will give this bedroom the important romantic note ;). The bed comes with MLP Xcite compatible high quality animations: 6 props, single, kisses, cuddles, 4-play and BDSM menu. Just in case you want to play around :).
Thru the whole house skybox wanders the unique light green style, which makes it more comfy and if you are a big fan of green, you shouldn't miss it :).

Since 05/15/2011 you have the option to leave a review. And from my side it gets a big plus! Seldom that I see such a detailed work. I love to say, "It is created with love." You can see it shinning thru each piece of this creation. We don't have here a completely newbie, we have here someone which has style, ideas, is very creativ and has a huge potential AND she can use the right tools, perfect :).
And in the end, the price shouldn't hurt at all....just L$300. For this what you get, it's just a peanut ;).

It's very easy...

to get my attention...well, for the most things ;). The last time I walked around in SL, I only wanted to check out a place, but then my attention got caught by a simple art on their wall. So I looked up the name of this artist/creator and got all information I needed to search for the store :) I love to investigate loool.

Since some month I think about to buy a land or to rent it, well again. I did this once, but I were so seldom in SL, that I gave it up. It doesn't cost so much, but at the other side, for what?! Most of the time I walk around, check out places, I heard or just talk with friends in a nearby cafe or dance hall. But when I see all the awesome houses, I'm not longer sure. But also there are so many cool and lovely houses! So it would be hard to choose one. I would end up buying one each week and change it all the time! And this, folks, isn't any option for me ;). But anyway, back to the main topic, why I started to write this post.

The builder of this amazing, sculpted house skybox is Novocaine Islay. She is a fantastic builder/creator! I couln't resist and made some pictures of 2 skyboxes, which looked for me really awesome!

 BASIC by Inside Studio©

This cute 3 story house skybox comes with a lovely terrace and a garden platform, which isn't linked with the house, and a small multianimated pool, just to get your toes wet ;). It comes with 299 prims, full furnished. The house needs around 2048 sqm, security system included, radio, blinds and the best part "lights 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors"! Not sure if you will find something like that for less.
And yes, of course, I had to look inside of it ;).

I like the makes it soft and comfy. Just gives you the feeling you are home ;). Either SL got more creators with heart and a feeling for details or it is just me, which has the luck to find such breath taking creations.
Outside the house is just perfect, but also the inside, the furniture suits perfect to the house and are animated with MLP 98 high quality cuddles animations, no static and without any freebie poses, a romantic fireplace, a viewer 2 with tv support for the guys ;).

The bedroom comes with sex bed MLP Xcite compatible high quality animations: 6 props, single, kisses, cuddles, 4-play, BDSM menu. Just in case you want to know ;). For me it isn't in any way important, because I prefer to give attention to other things as to having sexual contact in SL :). Behind the bed, stairs will lead you the way to the 3rd floor.

For me, it would be the right house skybox, but the bad thing, there are a lot of wonderful and amazing house skyboxes available. You get free updates for life, which is really cool! She also included a bathroom with a hot tub and MLP high quality cuddles animations and I heard the hot tube makes bubbles ;)!

If you want to get a better feeling for these creations, please visit their place. Where you can choose one and can rezz it. Have a look how it look likes before you purchase it. Either on SLExchange or InWorld. If you aren't in SL right now, check out her website. Feel free to IM her in English or Italian,  for more information or if you have any further questions.

Oh! Didn't I mention the price? I'm sorry my bad....but not sure if you would believe me....the Basic house skybox just comes for L$ 99!!!!! YES! You read right and no you don't have anything on your eyes! Isn't it amazing!! I just want to say "Thank You" to Novocaine Islay to share her awesome creations with us and gives it to us with such an unbelievable price!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Second life vs Meshes ?!?

If you are someone like me, you probably haven't any idea what SL and a lot of others are talking about.
A long time ago I tried the sculptie thing, I only made one sculptie heart. Well, it didn't look so bad, but I wasn't so into sculpties and now they annoce to bring them into SL. A new generation starts!

Meshes are the next level after prims and sculpties. I'm really not sure how far Linden Lab will accept meshes. How many polygene? And the more polygene you use, the more detailed it will be. And what will happen with the prims you safe? A lot of questions :)

And also I'm not an expert in this field, but still nosy :). If you want to read more technical details visit the huge wiki.secondlife or the mesh betagrid you can try out this new technologie on your own.

Well, so or so: Mesh are coming to SL this summer!!

The exciting part is, you get a whole new expierence in viewing SL. The sad part is probably viewer 1 won't support it. Of course, meshes would make a SL life very easier. You don't need so many prims anymore, just to build a house. But for people like me, it will get harder. Now I really think about to learn Blender or some similiar builder tool. But reading about meshes, polygene, triangles or the different types of it, like simple mesh, multi-face mesh and last but not least, the rigged mesh.

I love to build things in SL, it is much easier to fullfill  your dreams in SL. That's the major reason I still stay in SL for years. Honestly, in RL I would never have the chance to build my dreamhouse in the way I would like to have it. In SL? Not a big deal ;)

I only can say, if you are really, really, really interested in meshes, go ahead and read and learn it. It is a very good technic to create your stuff, like shoes, dresses, houses and so on. If you have a good hand for for Blender or something like that, do it! After reading this informations, I think I stick with taking pictures ;).

Maybe on day I get to take a picture of something you have created with mesh :).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Miscellaneous....unknown artist :(

I really don't like it...pfff...A couple of months I visited an awesome place...but I can't remember the name. I only know it was a exhibition and I think I found it by accident. But still I want to share with you these wonderful impressions ;).

This one fascinates me the most. The reflection on the floor. Awesome idea. If anybody knows this artist, please let me know. I really would love to put a name under these pictures, because the artist deserves it to be mentioned. I bet there are more of his/her work in SL.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Get your motor running....

head out on the highway.....looking for whatever comes our way...

Who doesn't know this song? I really got into it, when I visted a place, pls don't shot me! I can't remember it :(  I know, I know, is horrible with my brain. Today I found in my inventory a lot of awesome snapshots I took in SL, but I can't remember where I took them....

So I thought to post them under a new topic "miscellaneous"...and maybe some of you can tell me the name of the place ;) Oh! that's an awesome idea!! ;)

Let's talk about it.....

My curiosity brought me to a place called "Golden Gate".
Well, I didn't know, that this place has more to do with beeing gay or whatever. But it caught my attention. Not that I'm gay....hmmm, let me think....hmmm..well no comment at this time. What I wanted to show you is not the awesome Golden Gate Bridge..NO! I found a wonderful, a little bit hidden place to share your feelings. Feelings for beloved ones, which passed away and the reason is AIDS. In these days we all have to think about AIDS, more then ever. It is not the huge "Lifeball" in Vienna, not the tousend of dollars which gets donate, it is the time...The time people needs to get over from a loss of their beloved ones. To get a chance to look forward in their lifes, to see how wonderful life can be, even when you lost someone. Now, death is not any longer a taboo topic. Today, we can talk easier about it as years ago, because time is changing, people are changing. And also we have to face the reality, also one day we all die....Jase Byrne, a builder in the SL universe, created a path of AIDS Quilt Panels.
From people which shows their feelings. As he describes "It is a nice way to get in touch with my feelings." I only saw panels till 2010, so I'm not quite sure, if he still sets them up, but feel free to IM him, I guess someone with such a heart, can't get mad about it.
You can walk thru the forest, a long the little path and you can look what other people created to remember their love ones.
Why I posted this? Because AIDS is every where, not only in the gay area. Everybody can get it! We only can protect ourselfs with beeing carefully....
On my way back I decided to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge and along the street, Treat Kanto stood up some of his pictures. Art in another way, but still fascinating.
I hope you will find some time to walk thru the AIDS Quilt Panels. It is worth, because sometimes silence gives you the power to look forward to conquere life!
PS. Don't get scared of the name "Naughty Boys Beach" :) There isn't anything naughty here...hmm well I didn't see anything naughty ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Late, but finally it also caught me

I just figured out how to get "blog on the go" and as you can see I made it thru the long process ;). Maybe it is a good idea, cause my RL got busier and busier and there are some times where it can be very useful to blog on the go.
Especially when I read other blogs and I decide these things are also good to know and whenelse do you come to read other blogs? When I have some minutes for my own ;)
In the future we will see how this will work out, using my Blackerry (BB) instead of my good old laptop, but anyway I guess I wouldn't use it if I would have a touchscreen phone. I would get lost on the letters using by touch or more frustrated, because I would always touch the wrong one ;).
So stay in and read more, but for now there is a MenStuff hunt waiting on me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

At hunts...

you haven't really time to look around to get a deeper look at some places or stores. And oh well, my mind isn't really so good to remember all the places I have been. But I really try hard to remember them. So at the last hunt I found some cute and interesting stores and places and I wanted to go back to them, but guess what?! I didn't know where they are. So I had to tp to each of the spots of the hunt...again. But I found them and of course, I made a new landmark ;).

One of the place and store I want to show you. KOSH* ;) An awesome place to take really good pictures and playing with the windlight settings.

As you can see on this pictures I had my old look...

After I got my new look and finished the MENstuff hunt, I went back to this place and wandered around.

A little bit aside from the store, there stands a cute, good built cabin. It's called "god cabin". For me it's very seldom to see good built things in SL. Maybe I'm too seldom in SL ;). that could be one of the reasons. But anyway, I don't want to hide this cute and romantic cabin....

Ar first I was nervous, because who owns it? Is it ok to look around? Hmmm, well, no one felt distracted, when I walked around an so I got closer to this house.....

I knocked at the one answered and I was able to open the door.....shall we have a look inside? Just a sneaky one....

Wow, this house felt warm and friendly...cosy....and everything was placed at the right spot....

After a while I felt comfortable enough to take a seat in front of the warm wasn't really cold outside, but it also couldn't be a waste of time ;)

I couldn't resist and so I found out who I should give credit for such a wonderful work...The creator of this cabin is Kayle Matzerath, builder and co-owner of Garden of Dreams 1 and 2, If you want to see more of his skills, feel free to join his store ;) You will find a lot of romantic stuff for lovers, including poses and animation. Besides you can tp to different spots, like a dance area with a piano,  a forest themed area, where you will find his creations and where you can try them out.

If you aren't the type to sit in front of a warm fireplace, feel free to rest at this lovely made gazebo....

I need a rest after the long walks around this wonderful sim at one of Fang Roffo created chair ;)

Things are changing...

After a longer break from SL, I decided to sneak back for only an hour or so, I thought...But then after I figured out there were a new hunt out there, I stayed a little bit longer ;). The MENstuff hunt had cost me my last nervs pfff...a lot of these gifts where placed so good. Sometimes I wanted to give up, but the homepage of MENstuff inspired me to go ahead and to catch all gifts.

I also decided to change my look. After over 1 year of SL absence, my avi needed a general you know you bring your vehicle to a body shop and the next time you pick it up, everything looks like new ;) awesome! I needed the same!! And Maverick Design gave it to me!

Doesn't it look cool! Independent?! Awesome?! Maybe a little bit sexy?! Good! Because this were my intention ;).

SKIN: LAQ ~ Emmett 05 - [Cocoa] Defined skin (Hairbase)
SHAPE: Trick Shape-Maverick Design
EYEBROWS: Trick Eyebrows-Maverick Design
EYES: [ND]Paris EyesII Blue Sky ringer
HAIR: Gritty Kitty: Owen - black

The Shape and the eyebrows are from the MENstuff hunt....I saw this gift and I wanted it! No matter what this look were made for me ;)

I saw this new skin by Maverick Design and so I manifested, I want to look like this guy. After some running around and desperate searching I found the hunt gift, opened it and got my "make me sexy" plan. The first hard thing were to get the skin. I had to go to LAQ, a full lag sim and it took me around half an hour to get to see the pictures and to find the right skin. Pfff. AND then!!!! I thought I can risk to click on it and to click the pay button and then I thought I would get my skin, but WTF!? I waited and waited, nothing happened! After a while i gave it up and looked for the customer service.

The product I bought is not in my inventory:
Please log in at and go to your transactions history. Find the purchase of the lost item. Copy and paste it into a notecard, and send the notecard to Mallory Cowen. Your lost purchase will be delivered as soon as we do our daily check on the transactions.

I did what they said. I searched for Mallory Cowen to pass her my notecard with all my information. At her profile I found this:

I am not available via IM or notecard,
Please visit our support website:
[ ]

I thought I'm dreaming! This can't be true! Are they kidding?! They own such a huge store and business and no one can give me support? I was angry, because after over one year I spent Lindens on a skin I really wanted. Not in a few days or never. I wanted it NOW!!! So I looked up for the other owner, Winter DiPrima, and sent him an upset IM and a notecard. And the same IM and notecard I sent to Mallory Cowen.

On the next day I got an email, which told me I got offered an object in SL and later at home I got my new skin ;) Well I'm a nice and friendly person and so I sent a thank you IM, but I didn't get any response. Oh well, I will survive this skin odyssey. But still I don't understand such a customer service. It seems they are making a lot of Lindens with their store and so I guess they don't need to invest anything in their customer service.

But the outcoming of this shopping hell.....I got my skin ;).

TATTOO: *kARNAL rAGE* - Celtic Heart Tattoo 2
NECKLACE: ::GB::black bead necklace MENS
BELT: [NC+]-Belt11-[Black-Vintage]
BARCELET: ::GB::crest bracelet Black_M

The necklace were a group gift from Gabriel and I think I bought the bracelet. Can't remember it, I'm sorry guys.

So now I can't wait when the next men hunt starts! Ok well, I have a lot of hunt gifts in my inventory and I should start to sort them and to show you my favorites ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What an amazing skybox...

After over 1 year and a laptop death I decided to try again SL and wow! Things have changed. My old landmarks doesn't really work anymore and a new SL viewer. I barley remember this one, but I tried hard to decline it. But now with my new laptop I can sneak into SL and can explorer SL new. Art hasn't changed. It is still a hobby. I love to find new interesting places and to play around with the environment editor and when I don't like something I erase it with Photoshop 7.
And I still check the SL marketplace. Today I found something which made me breathless! I'm sure this one exists for long, but today finally I found it too ;).

[what next] Coastal Loft Skybox Furnished

Awesome skybox!! I wish I would have a place to set it up in SL. And bw. I wish I would have so much Lindens to buy it :(. This skybox is great! I love it! Well done! I'm not so into SL homes or so, but this one wow!

Here some pics to get an idea about what I'm talking ;). Well, I guess I have to start saving some Lindens ;). I want this one!

Good luck! ;)