Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some last steps...

and then it is ready to show up :) My latest SL project gets in the final phase. Didn't know that to manage and arrange all takes so much time and energy :) But well, finally I found an adorable land! You have to see it! It has a breathtaking view over the ocean, a relax space and the best thing a big house :)
Some details about my project. I opened a class for romance, where people can come and attend to learn more about romantic and love, to show you in a few easy steps how to adore you love one. More details about schedule and so will follow :) Remember? Rome wasn't built in a day too loool All needs their time :) But when you got nosy, here is the LM "The Edge of Romance". You can look around and with the TP you can go up to the gift store. It's worth a look, because the creator invest a lot of time and love in his creations. To this moment his creations were only available on Xstreet SL. :) If you have any questions or suggestions pls don't be shy and let me know. The more ideas the more th eplace will get adorable and lovely. It should be also a place to hang out and relax. If somebody need some minutes of anonym talk, support or help. My partner and I will be glad to be there and to help you.
I also thought about to give newcomers in art a chance to exhibit their works. If you are interested and search for a place to show your works, please IM me InWorld for further informations.

Monday, March 30, 2009


My favorite site to upload pictures :) in only some hours you can see, if the pictures are good or bad and this I love on "KOINUP"! You get good and serious comments and also when you need help, there are a lot which are professionals and show you what else you can change on your pictures. It isn't only a way to publish your SL shots, NO! It's a communciation site. If you never heard of "KOINUP" check it out, I'm sure you will love it :) My last post:

"Dreaming" by K. Ordinary

I only set up a shadow in Photoshop and thats it ;) I only worked complitly with SL windlight. For the lightings I used body lights. The shot was taken at "Error".

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Morning everybody :)

Well, in the last days I had to manage a lot of RL stuff. And also I'm working on a hug SL project. So don't think I gave up on SL :) NO, no, how could I? lool I'll let you know, when my project is done and ready for SL :) Cya in SL!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monroe Snook

I'm sure a lot remember my post about the "Echo Fields" by Monroe Snook. The last days, after Studio 33 - Rockcliffe Gardens moved to another place, I get nosy again. Maybe my favorite artist made new pictures :) And when I arrived, I looked around...and there it was! When I saw the art, I knew exactly it was made by Monroe Snook ;) Her style is unique. I'm one of the tousend great admirer. Her work caught me. The California girl knows how to set the right lights and knows to catch the deepness in an art. If you would like to see more of her amazing art, look at this link, Monroe Snook at "Avatrait". There you can find more and if you like one of her work, leave her comment :) Here the latest work I bought:

Greek Sky bt Monroe Snook at Studio 33 - Rockcliffe Gardens

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wanna have some fun?

At the weekend I decided to have a look at this fishing thing. Once a friend told me about it, but I wasn't really interesting to sit there and wait till I catch a fish. And sooooo I checked out the "7Seas Fishing Game Headquarter" :) It's very easy to meet there new friends, but also the fishing part, you shouldn' forget :) You can choose between different rods, but I wanted, when I try something out, I start with the professional, sooo I bought the pro rod, hmmm very interesting thing I must say :) It isn't really expensive. OK, when you only wanna try it out, then you shoulod try the "Demo Fishing Rod" for L$ 1. Or you get the "Casual Fishing Rod", but it doesn't count your drafts. So then yesterday, I tried it out. I went to 7Seas Fishing place, well it isn't the only place where you can enjoy your new hobby :) There are several places which offers fishing. For example at Costa Rica, a lovely Sim, created with so much love for detail. I'm sure you have heard of it :) I took a seat on one of the piers and cast out my rod :) *sigh* How wonderful was the silent, only a 80's playing sound machine sprinkled her music around ;) So and after 2 hours of fishing I can show my drafts ;) OK at some things I should check back with the owner loool
Some of my prizes: a bunch of orange goldfish, some blue bikini buttons (don't ask me for what they are?!), fishing hat box, some cyber salmon, some batfish (do they really exist?!), ha! a skeleton fish, butterflyfish dotty, origami fish, black betta, and so on....You haven't any idea how much you catch in 2 hours!!! But I'm still interesting what this blue bikini button is.. Hmm...Well, I'll log in and just wear it :) So if you are interested in getting some of such cute and funny prizes, come to the 7Seas Fishing Headquarter or to some of the other fishing places and start your own adventure and maybe you will find out what this blue bikini button is :) Hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The hunt...

finally caught me ;) Till now I found 34 hmmm ok number 12 is missing, so only 33. At my last stop at "She's So Unusual Shoes" I tried to find it really I promise, but nothing :( When someone found it maybe can let me know?! And also number 12! :) On my hunt I found this cute little thing awww Couldn't figure out where to get this sweet little guy :)

Wonderful Good Morning to all :)

Today I'll start my new hunt. "MEYA" Poses sent out a group notice about the NCI St. Patrick's Day Hunt at Hope Valley. From March 13th till March 20th you can find lovely gifts at over stores :) How nice is that????!!!! Since my last hunt (lips hunt) I can't get enough of such hunts loool but I decide which hunt is interesting for me and brings me lot of fun. I don't join each one :) Yeeessss!! I'm picky loool But who cares???!?!! It should make fun and not turn out as stress. If you are interested in the NCI St. Patrick's Day Hunt at Hope Valley, take the teleport and join over tousends of participants in hunting after the gold treasure. What else is to say?! Ahhhh right :) "The Luck O' The Irish!" You look out the window and the weather makes you tired, so then! Come on and join us the more the better and funnier it is :) We see us there!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Special treat :)

Last night I got a wonderful comment of one of my post's. Olza Koenkamp (aka Piotr Kopik) sent 2 links to his machinima for his BIG PSOMM :) I would like to post them here too. It looks funny, how some avatars try to move as one lool. Enjoy the vidoe's and maybe get your friends there and try it out on your own :) You can find more details in my post "sometimes"....Have fun! Thank you Olza Koenkamp for making this possible :)



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Impressive kind of art mixed with buisness

Some of my favorite blogs mentioned the sim MaxMoney. They wrote about it and..well in this case I'll follow them decent :)"MaxMoney, a lush volcanic terraform designed by award winning landscape artist, Poid Mahovlich, sets the stage for renowned virtual architect/designer Scope Cleaver's original masterwork, the inworld headquarters for MaxMoney - the virtual worlds currency exchange brought to you by Max March (in case someone doesn't know who this marvelous guy is), made possible by MaxMoney, Inc.Region Managed, Contributing Artists Bryn Oh and Dizzy Banjo"

It is indeed worth a try to go there and have a look :) The silent there is spooky, but lay back in one of the chairs and enjoy the surrounding...Cya there :) not only for exchanging lool

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big evening :)

Yesterday evening was my big time. Hmm OK, my big 15 seconds loool Some weeks ago, I got an invite to join the Mr. Virtual World 2009 Casting. And why not?! Not to become a professional. hmmm no :) of course for FUN! And last evening, one of the many audition started. Some minutes before 5pm SLT I got my things ready, the right pose, the right walk you know ;) Arrived at this wonderful place I got nervous. My most worry "I Hope I don't crash!" lool But I didn't ;) Thanks godness! I took pictures so that you can see how it was....and well till now I didn't get a note, if I made it in the finale or not....But also when I don't come in the finale..it was a wonderful experience and lots of fun :) So think of me and wish me luck! I'll let you know.