Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm a big fan of SL's sandboxes :), when you found finally one which isn't too full to build. Anyway. Yesterday I explored a LM, which I got from the ImpPRL group. The IBM Sandbox. And be sure, when you get a notice from this group it's always good to have a look. Did you hear of Spiral Walcher?? An amazing creator, artist and builder. He was the one which built the adorable "Tunnel of Light", with 3 other highly gifted friends. This time they talked about a cartoon world very high in the sky, created by Spiral Walcher. So then, let's check it out! :) Wow, it was a long long flight, but you don't get disappointed. How amazing! Clouds, a little house (maybe his new home ;)), green grass, trees, wonderful work with the light of the sun and also there live animals! A whole little cartoon island lool A cute pig and something what looked like a bear, but really, don't kill me, when I'm wrong! If you want to find this place in the sky, wear a flight gadget and then up to the sky :) So in around 2504m you will find it and no fear you can explorer it. It is soooo cute! :)

But this isn't all! On the way to the cartoon island I found an interesting place. Well, maybe place isn't the right word ;) better I should say a floating labyrinth. Well, I found it per accident lool Like the most places or things which I find in SL :). But when you are on your way to cartoon island, then you shouldn't miss this gorgeous built platform. Colin Fizgig created a labyrinth and in the middle it looks like the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Amazing!! He is also well known for his creation "Blue Dragon".

Up in the sky in around 638m, there it is..a lovely made labyrinth with signs, which tells you which way is the right one :) very good help, because when you know me, I get sooo easily lost! :( Go there and follow the path.....and let me know, how long you needed to get to the tower :)! Maybe we should make a score board looool

Friday, February 20, 2009

In the eye of the storm..

I went thru my Feeds and one of my favorite blog's mentioned "StormEye". So I had to check out :) I think, I'll never understand how people can create such wonderful and amazing places. And I'm really thankful that they share them with us "normal Sl residents". At "The Aho Museum" on the NMC Campus, includes a bright range of art, presents an encyclopedic showcase of virtual art forms and includes sculptures of all kinds and so on :) Well, I only visited the "StormEye", which looks like a pipe or a tube. At the entry you recieve a notecard with all the necessary instructions, so that you can fully enjoy your visit. Go thru the portal, grap a umbrella and climb up the stairs :) you will be fascinated, like me.
It begins like a walk at a sunny afternoon, but then (for this you got the umbrella :)) a storm is coming in. The clouds get more and darker :( Thru the sound effects you really feel like you would standing in the middle of the center of this storm. Rain starts and finally you are happy you got the umbrella :) "StormEye" is a new installation by Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfeld. And definitly a must be! Go there and enjoy the sounds and the effects of "StormEye".

Time can fly!!!

How fast the time goes by, when you met a interesting lady in SL :) OK, I'll met a lot ladies, but this one caught my fully interesting...Of course, you have to be very carefully who you meet and what you tell them. But really, in our first conversation I thought we know us since ages. Well, this doesn't happen often and I'm sure a lot of SL residents will be the same option. I forgot all, when I was with her...But! I will continue with my projects in SL and Photoshop no worries guys :) I only wanted to let you know I'm still alive loool So let us see in SL and have a great weekend!!! Pictures will follow :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


I never thought that something can make me so addiceted! But it happened :) I'm a new onwer of Photoshop lool And now instead of explorering and writing on my blog about all this wonderful places, I fall into Photoshop and try to be creative :) Well, as you can see, left side my slideshow on Koinup :) It's so amazing, what all you can do with Photoshop! You can make so many effects! WOW! I'm sorry, the last days I didnt get really any time to write further on my blog, it's the fault of Photoshop! :) So here is my latest experiment of makeing pictures more beautiful :) Hope you like it...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dark Side of Second life...

... isn't always bad. Atrum Votum, a dark side touched Sim of SL. Atrum means "Dark Storm". You shouldn't be disgusted about the BDSM, Gor or Gorean things at this place. It is indeed a romantic place for lovers of all different preferences. And it is worth a visit ;) And it doesn't mean I'm Gorean or BDSM fan lool I only had a look ;) only for taking wonderful pictures..You don't believe me? Hmm, well then you should go there and have a look. The place is made with love and a good eye for details.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The B/W Art Gallery Streamlife

I'm so fascinated about SL art, that I always love to visit some galleries, vernissages or exhibitions. At the B/W Art Gallery Streamlife, owned by Life Charron, a SL and RL photographer, I found my next favorite work ;) Till 14th of February you have the option to get a closer look of Monroe Snook's art "The heart of the matter". Monroe owns the Studio 33 Photography and her passion for wonderful moments to catch them on a picture, is amazing.
Come, before it is too late!

Echo fields by Monroe Snook
Oh, don't worry lool I still bought it! I think, I need a bigger house loool ;)

My visit at Drottningholm Palace Grand Opening Masquerade

As you can remember, besides on the calendar, I mentioned the big Grand Opening of the Drottningholm Palace - The Royal Court of Sweden. Oh, it was great. A new expierence. I never were interesting in roleplay in the last months, since I started SL. I thought SL IS still roleplay, but to play a roleplay in the roleplay, well yes, this was very new for me ;) So I got an invitation and my company had important RL things :( But nothing can hold me, when it comes to be nosy ;) And so I attend all by myself at this event. I don't regret anything. I was very amused. We all had to come to the center in front of the court, then we got our instructions and they told us the event program. All started with a impressing firework at the garden. Maybe I should say, all plays in the 18th century. Where the girls were miladies ;) and the guys are marquess. Well, maybe I shouldn't tell you, that I spent the whole day to get a adorable mask and to get the suitable costume for this event ;) Who said Rococo and Baroque are dead?? It is still alive at the Drottningholm Palace. If you don't believe me, go there, wear the OOC visitortag and try to find your role in this play ;) After we got to listen to a wonderful opera, the hunt started! loool Well, I don't know why, but in the last days it seems the hunt is hunting me :) All started with the "Kiss Hunt", I'm sure you heard about it. I would love to see you hunting around 200 lips in different stores on different Sims loool It is indeed, very stressful! But back to the event ;) before I get lost and end up 3 sites further on my blog loool I'm sure you wouldn't be very amused ;) So the hunt, after ONE, YES! We had to find on the whole Sim only ONE little swan! :( Now you can imagine, who didn't find it! Right. It wasn't me! lool OK, after this we were invited to the "Lustgarden" Hmm, well, for my ooption it sounded naughty, but still I was too nosy to figure out what it is. Nothing to worry ;) You have your clothes on ;) It is only a special name for this place, were we danced and got finger food. So when I count all together, it was an impressive event. Which I would love to attend again ;) I still hope, I'm on the invitation list ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kiaranne Flanagan LIVE

Last Friday, I had the great pleasure to see and hear Kiaranne Flanagan LIVE again. Once during my walks I crashed accidentally into a LIVE performance of this grandios artist. Her voice amazed me and her style of music started to move my tired legs :) And as soon I could say; "I love it!" I got an invite to her fan club. Kiaranne doesn't only sing, no, she accompanied herself on a guitar, which makes her performance more extensive. On your blog there you can find her songlist. She compose songs, but also has a bright range of other songs. Besides I mentioned her next performances and alos other interesting events. And when you missed one of her event, don't be sad, her next concerts are also listed in her SL profile ;) Let inspire you from this great artist and I'm sure we will hear more of her.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Masquerade Ball at Second Swedish

Did I ever mentioned I love to dress up?! Well, I think not loool This time I have a real gut reason to get dress up! At the Drottningholm Palace! Oh wow! Did you know this place exist already?! NO! Na, me too. Because I'm not so into the Swedish Royal Family? Yes, that could be a reason ;) The Drottningholm Palace is on UNESCO´s World Heritage list. It is the most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s in Sweden and at the same time is representative of all European architecture for the period. Influenced by French prototype, the palace was built by architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder by commission of Queen Hedvig Eleonora..blabla..and so on and so on...Well, I think that is enough, we don't need to know more :) If you like to know more about the RL palace so then go ahead ;). Google shows you all what you want to know about it. Hmm, I think it is more important to mention it is a Roleplay. OMG! loool I just read the rules. I love this sentence, it sounds after me :) "THIS IS A MATURE SIM. But that does not mean you can run around here with a penis ^^" LMAO Great! When you now decided to have a look, please respect their rules and wear the OOC (out of character) Visitortag. So that the others can identify you as a normal visitor.

Besides a RL picture about the Drottningholm Palace. (That you can imagine ;))

And now the SL version :)

Doesn't it look adorable? I always feel so deep touched, when I exlporer such places in SL. Because the whole group of creator's, designer's and helper's had a vision in their minds and realized it in such a perfect way of building. What a performance! All my respect to all which are included in this project. And I hope to meet a lot of them tomorrow at the Masquerade Ball. OH! I think I should sart to search for a suitable company!! So then See you all tomorrow!

Not all is only for girls :) a group message! 50%!! The Annual Pink Sale at Armidi from February 7th - 14th! So hurry before all is sold out!! I'm sure also we guys will find something, if not...there is always the option to give a gift ;)

MEYA poses the 3rd :)

Do you think I'm getting addicceted?!?! Hmm, well I hope not loool But it seems SL can be very infectious. When you don't know what I mean, then please tp to Meya Pose Store and try out her lucky chair ;) In the early morning hours I got a message in my email account. "! MEYA ! Update Group: Yay for the weekend! I've replaced the poses in the Lucky Chair: INSEPERABLE (3 person pose) and STOLEN KISS (couple pose) are in now. <3 Lucky Chair is only at the MAIN STORE". Soooo? Do you see what I mean? You have to get there and get the poses!! And when this means I have to wait for hours!! looool Well at the moment I haven't anything others to do, so during I search for a delicious breakfast in RL, my Avatar waits for his magic letter....I'm sure we see us there. Good Luck! ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anno 1900, France,...

the time of the Moulin Rouge,..but, no, we don't go to the SL Moulin Rouge :) No, we are visiting a new exhibition at the Paris 1900 Sim. Zephyru Zapedzki and Life Charron decided to share with us their adorable art at "The Museum of Paris". You can see his work, RL oils on canvas, on the first level. On the 2nd and 3rd floor you can see SL and RL black and white photography of Life Charron.

Zephyru is a RL painter and musican from Lisboa, Portugal. Oils on canvas and also in pencil, acrylic and photography are brighten our horizon. Life Charron is a SL and RL photographer, which caughts the moments. If you want to read or see more of her visit her blog. The museum is left handed, when you leave the metro, and on 3 levels you can't get enough of their works. Realism, surrealism, nudes, landscape, abstract, from all a little bit and and the result you can see at this vernissage in SL. I only can say, what a wonderful, so deep touching work. Seldom I'm so excited.
One of his work made me thinking and I have to share this wonderful paint with you.

Black Arum by Zephyru Zapedzki (oil on canvas)

If you want to see more of them, don't be shy ;) go there and have a look, Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and a glass or more of this delicious champagne :). Je regarde vous la!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


you walk around and you get an IM of a friend which sent you a LM of a funny place :) Aaaaannnnd? I LOVE THESE TIMES!! loool Remember? I wanted to explorer Fatima's different worlds, but the LM of my friend was so interesting, that I had to go there annnnnd? Voila..I found myself in a big pink box :) Not that I'm not used to it lool but still interesting....The creator of this funny avatar puzzle is Olza Koenkamp, I'm sure some had heard about this awesome artist. He is a member of Not Possible IRL. Remember the NPIRL garden exhibition? Yes, I'm sure you do :) Well, his newest project is.. BIG PSOMM!! Do I see some ?? above your heads?? Go there and try it out, but don't forget to bring some friends with you, because alone you can't make it working. There are boxes and in each box there are body parts and each avatar is a body part :) Sounds strange?! Not really, sounds more interesting, because how does it look when there are 10 avatars trying to make one step?! loool So then let me call in at my friends and see what it brings! :)

Not only a shopping paradise...

This is really the most wonderful place I were in the last months...I found an interesting TP to a victorian antiques home and garden center. And finally you should know me :) Yes, I'm nosy, but also I love good shopping opportunities ;) I started at Fatima's Art. WOW! A 6 level big victorian house smiled at me and invited me to get lost in it..TY very much! But well that wasn't all! There are 19!!! other Sims with different names, like Fatima's Desire, Fatima's Dream, Fatima's Everlasting or Fatima's Wonderland and so on..Either she loves it to use her name or she is such a unique gorgeous creator! I prefer the last one :) Because that what all she made and set up on all her Sims is special, unique and, I promise, takes your breath away!!
I only made some shoots, don't be mad! I don't want to see you taking over 40 pictures and blog them! There are only a few to make you nosy ;) OK, I'm out of my blog, because I don't want to waste any precious time to explorer all her Sims :) Take care! Hope to see you there :) Maybe at Fatima's Horizon, Fatima's Wish or maybe at Fatima's Romance..Who knows ;) Last but not least, maybe you are interested in living there...I only tell you, wonderful, adorable and with a good price...

MEYA Lucky Chair 2nd part

Hmmm, guess how long it took me to get "1" of 3 MEYA poses?!?! Hoooouuuuuuurssss! Horrible! But well, in the end I got one loool Maybe I should see it like the common phrase: "Is the glass empty or half full?" When I arrived at home, well with horror I had to realize, I haven't anyone to try out this adorable pose!!! Do you see this little, lonely, empty "pink" ball??? So if you know someone, which also loves these fantastic poses of Meya send me an IM InWorld. Then we can try it out together :) Buuuut if you want also such a pose for yourself.......Go and get one! But you should have plenty of time :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

St. Michel - Jules Verne Museum

Show me one person, which doesn't know about Jules Gabriel Verne?! He was born Feb. 8 in France and with his first novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) he earned worldwide fame. I'm a member of b-places and when you are a member, you know exactly on friday you will get a notecard with the new places you have to see, like each friday :) And the fact, that I'm very nosy made me to get there and to have a look. Adorable! Awesome and so detailed! It's seldom that I'm so speakless. At the arrival point you have to slide down to the water, alone the feeling when u slide down! WOOOWOOOW!! Fantastic!

There are several points where you can rezz a little ship for a tour. You can choose: subarine, moon, introduction, skywards.
Well, I explorered all destinations ;) and it was great. Take a tour on yourself and see how wonderful they made it! I took some pictures to show you a little view of this place, but as you know, pictures are pictures, you have to see it! :)

MEYA's Lucky Chair!!

So then my first blog lool Today I got an awesome channel message of my favorite pose creator "MEYA". She put 3 of her new creations in her lucky chair...the hunt is open!! lool When I arrived be sure I wasn't alone there :) It went good till the letter "Q" :( Now the waiting starts...I let you know, how long it took me to get one of this fabulous poses!!