Monday, March 7, 2011

At hunts...

you haven't really time to look around to get a deeper look at some places or stores. And oh well, my mind isn't really so good to remember all the places I have been. But I really try hard to remember them. So at the last hunt I found some cute and interesting stores and places and I wanted to go back to them, but guess what?! I didn't know where they are. So I had to tp to each of the spots of the hunt...again. But I found them and of course, I made a new landmark ;).

One of the place and store I want to show you. KOSH* ;) An awesome place to take really good pictures and playing with the windlight settings.

As you can see on this pictures I had my old look...

After I got my new look and finished the MENstuff hunt, I went back to this place and wandered around.

A little bit aside from the store, there stands a cute, good built cabin. It's called "god cabin". For me it's very seldom to see good built things in SL. Maybe I'm too seldom in SL ;). that could be one of the reasons. But anyway, I don't want to hide this cute and romantic cabin....

Ar first I was nervous, because who owns it? Is it ok to look around? Hmmm, well, no one felt distracted, when I walked around an so I got closer to this house.....

I knocked at the one answered and I was able to open the door.....shall we have a look inside? Just a sneaky one....

Wow, this house felt warm and friendly...cosy....and everything was placed at the right spot....

After a while I felt comfortable enough to take a seat in front of the warm wasn't really cold outside, but it also couldn't be a waste of time ;)

I couldn't resist and so I found out who I should give credit for such a wonderful work...The creator of this cabin is Kayle Matzerath, builder and co-owner of Garden of Dreams 1 and 2, If you want to see more of his skills, feel free to join his store ;) You will find a lot of romantic stuff for lovers, including poses and animation. Besides you can tp to different spots, like a dance area with a piano,  a forest themed area, where you will find his creations and where you can try them out.

If you aren't the type to sit in front of a warm fireplace, feel free to rest at this lovely made gazebo....

I need a rest after the long walks around this wonderful sim at one of Fang Roffo created chair ;)

Things are changing...

After a longer break from SL, I decided to sneak back for only an hour or so, I thought...But then after I figured out there were a new hunt out there, I stayed a little bit longer ;). The MENstuff hunt had cost me my last nervs pfff...a lot of these gifts where placed so good. Sometimes I wanted to give up, but the homepage of MENstuff inspired me to go ahead and to catch all gifts.

I also decided to change my look. After over 1 year of SL absence, my avi needed a general you know you bring your vehicle to a body shop and the next time you pick it up, everything looks like new ;) awesome! I needed the same!! And Maverick Design gave it to me!

Doesn't it look cool! Independent?! Awesome?! Maybe a little bit sexy?! Good! Because this were my intention ;).

SKIN: LAQ ~ Emmett 05 - [Cocoa] Defined skin (Hairbase)
SHAPE: Trick Shape-Maverick Design
EYEBROWS: Trick Eyebrows-Maverick Design
EYES: [ND]Paris EyesII Blue Sky ringer
HAIR: Gritty Kitty: Owen - black

The Shape and the eyebrows are from the MENstuff hunt....I saw this gift and I wanted it! No matter what this look were made for me ;)

I saw this new skin by Maverick Design and so I manifested, I want to look like this guy. After some running around and desperate searching I found the hunt gift, opened it and got my "make me sexy" plan. The first hard thing were to get the skin. I had to go to LAQ, a full lag sim and it took me around half an hour to get to see the pictures and to find the right skin. Pfff. AND then!!!! I thought I can risk to click on it and to click the pay button and then I thought I would get my skin, but WTF!? I waited and waited, nothing happened! After a while i gave it up and looked for the customer service.

The product I bought is not in my inventory:
Please log in at and go to your transactions history. Find the purchase of the lost item. Copy and paste it into a notecard, and send the notecard to Mallory Cowen. Your lost purchase will be delivered as soon as we do our daily check on the transactions.

I did what they said. I searched for Mallory Cowen to pass her my notecard with all my information. At her profile I found this:

I am not available via IM or notecard,
Please visit our support website:
[ ]

I thought I'm dreaming! This can't be true! Are they kidding?! They own such a huge store and business and no one can give me support? I was angry, because after over one year I spent Lindens on a skin I really wanted. Not in a few days or never. I wanted it NOW!!! So I looked up for the other owner, Winter DiPrima, and sent him an upset IM and a notecard. And the same IM and notecard I sent to Mallory Cowen.

On the next day I got an email, which told me I got offered an object in SL and later at home I got my new skin ;) Well I'm a nice and friendly person and so I sent a thank you IM, but I didn't get any response. Oh well, I will survive this skin odyssey. But still I don't understand such a customer service. It seems they are making a lot of Lindens with their store and so I guess they don't need to invest anything in their customer service.

But the outcoming of this shopping hell.....I got my skin ;).

TATTOO: *kARNAL rAGE* - Celtic Heart Tattoo 2
NECKLACE: ::GB::black bead necklace MENS
BELT: [NC+]-Belt11-[Black-Vintage]
BARCELET: ::GB::crest bracelet Black_M

The necklace were a group gift from Gabriel and I think I bought the bracelet. Can't remember it, I'm sorry guys.

So now I can't wait when the next men hunt starts! Ok well, I have a lot of hunt gifts in my inventory and I should start to sort them and to show you my favorites ;)