Saturday, June 27, 2009

SL6B Part 2

After I got an offer of one of my "OPEN THIS END" group member, I found myself today on the SL6B exhibition again. We had a meeting point and we were there to greet the visitors and to show them our spanish exhibition sim, Wizard. To stroll through this sim was an experience on their own ;). We had a lot of fun and were fascinated about the creativity of the artists.
At the entry are walls. On one side of them SL picture and on the other side works of the RL photographer, Emanuela Baioni. An Italian artist with this special view for nature silence. Her work is amazing, still impressiv and have a saying.
"Elementi in gioco" and "Poesia visiva" (from left to the right)
"Geometrie", "La prima nebbia ", "Risalendo l'oscurita'" and " Anime sospese" (from the left to the right)

"Eureka", "Essenze" and "Libero di sognare "

Awwww, these art was amazing. You walked through the bubbles and then you heard a sound and, well I didn't see them, but Taylia swore there were whales ?

It wasn't me!! I swear! It was an accident. The ground was full with glowing sticks and when you walked through them, all fell. Loool Ssshhht! I say it was Taylia ;)

This one was amazing, awesome and unique! A field full of glowing, sparkling flowers, in the middle 3 sculptures and above them circles in all shiny colors and on these circles trees. But not only some trees, no, glowing trees. It is an impressive view with the midnight setting.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, I finally got time to have a look on the big SL6B :). It's amazing! Wow! Really you have to go there, don't miss it! I'm so impressed about the buildings, the creations and there are a lot of live concerts. Loool I just popped into one on SL6B Hologram. Ha, I promise by accident! But I guess it was meant to be. Na, you have to know I believe in signs. Nothing happens in life without a reason. Yeah, well that's me :). But anyway, back to that what I wanted to tell you :). So, I found myself on a live concert of DonFranko Dagostino, when you would like to hear more from him, check out the links below:

He is a German singer and plays piano. As you can see on his website, he earned some awards and works hard on his voice. DonFranko's voice is amazing! Awwwww, it stays in your ears :) and for the girls, he is also a cute, handsome guy. OMG! He just sings in French!!! Awwwww!! And he played one of my favorite songs, Hallelujah performed by Alexandra Burke. So he has to be a great singer!!
There is one more thing I want to share with you, when I read it, it touched my heart and I agree totally on this. Because you never should forget this, it should get a part of your thinking and living:

"Never take someone for granted, hold every person close to your heart, because you might wake up one day and realise that you have lost a diamond, while you were busy collecting stones...."

Thursday, June 25, 2009


sooo many new outfits for me!!! Well, I'm still trying out all my new stuff from the MHO Hunt. And there are really cute outfits in the gift boxes. Only until 30th of June!!!!

Like this one:
MHOH gift # 69, found at *Thalia* Fashion The box contains pants, and a 2 layer shirt, which says "KISS ME" ;)
Or this one! Ok, You need some time to get used to it, but it looks super cool :). Found at SHIKI Design MHOH gift # 30
But also I saw some interesting places, with very interesting things loool Like the pic below. I guess he didn't pay for the backpacker! So be careful where you go shopping and always check, if you really paid for it!! In this case, I'm sure the backpacker wasn't this worth!

I couldn't resist. I had to jump on this cute, huge Kitty Cat ;) Gosh! That was a ride looool

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh my gosh! It caught me!! ME???!! Which I'm not very deep into fashion in SL at all! Pfff. Well, I guess, it is my destiny ;). But, indeed, I start to like this destiny.
Good news in the beginning: I'm done with the Make Him Over Hunt :) Yes, I can't believe it, but I found all 150 signs. I'm good? Loool Yeah :). Now, the most work starts, because someone has to open all the gift boxes and, sure, I have to know, how these clothes and things look on my cute avi ;).
So here some pics. Be happy, that I don't share with you the worst ones loooool.

Isn't it a super cool shirt??? Please notice these super cool fighting hand wraps ;) Looks really bloody Got it at Fierce Design

OH! This one is one of my favorites :) Got it at KIWI

Also this one, I don't want to hide from you :). It's funny, though. Got it at iPOP

But also I found a really cool store ;). It is my new favorite one. Bete Noire Clothier. Amazing good looking clothes. Underwear, shirts, sweaters and shoes. And the prices aren't in any way high. Well, as you know, good quality has their price ;).

Here you can see me wearing the Bete Noire - wool coat noire. It's like the sailer coats, in case you know them. The package contains, the wool coat, the shirt with tie and the pants. All this for only 500 L$! Well, the boots you already know. KBoots - black and on my head? Well, I tried out some hairs from the MHO Hunt, called F-Hayden (chocolate black) loool Doesn't I look cute? Like a little sailer, which has got some shore leave :). Ok, should use the time on land for a better hair cut loooool

Monday, June 22, 2009


YEAH!! I got new boots!! Hmm, either now you think I'm crazy or you think ?!?! Well, I accept both thinking :). As the usual guys, I own only 2 or 3 shoes. Na, these are, of course, good quality shoes. I remember, that I bought them some months ago at REDGRAVE. A very good quality store for both, femal and male. I also found a lot cute outfits there. Some shirts, jeans and such stuff :). Redgrave works with sculpties, so they fit better on your feets. And as you know from a previous post, shoes are the first eye catcher for women ;).
Today, I were again on my hunt. Na, until now I found 117 Make Him Over Hunt signs. I guess, that is a good thing, because some stores hide them very very good and also they edit the signs, some to another color and some to another size. Then it is mostly impossible to find them! Does nobody tell them?!?! But anyway, I found very great boots at Covet. There you find the stores, EXILE, Shine and Treads. The boots are directly at the landing point and called KBoots, made by Ju Weissnicht. You can get them in brown or in black. Well, I choose black, because black matches with each outfit. So with black you are always on the safe side. They are around 400 L$. Sure it is a little bit expensive only for boots. Buuuuut, You don't get only one pair of boots! You get boots in the sizes S, M, L, XL, XS and they are copy/mod. These boots are 6 prims each and they use only Ju Weissnicht own original sculpties and hand painted textures. Also he uses a for me new word for scultpies, mirrored sculpties. The notecard tells, you should have the latest viewer version to show them. If you haven't any idea about mirrored sculpties like me, here is an explanation. So now you still think they aren't the money worth??? Na, thought so and sometimes also we guys have to make a bigger purchase ;). Not only girls can spend hundreds of L$ for only shoes.
Well, after such a stressful, power eating hunt, I guess, I deserve some rest on my NEW! rug ;). My dear friend Kaja Lurra showed me an interesting store. There you get a lot of cool furniture and adorable sparkling candlesticks ;). I fell in love with them , after the first sight. I'm a romantic nature and such candles fill my romantic heart :) The whole set, as you can see on the picture above, can you get only for around 250 L$. Where? At LOST DAWN urban creations. Kaja bought a whole set of furniture included the carpet, table, chair and couch for only 500 L$. The furniture comes with lovely and well done animations. The creator hasn't a lot things in his store, but the stuff which you can see there is amazing. Raki Barbosa plays with sounds, shadows and lightings on objects. Which make them more unique.
Im so fascinated of these sparkling candlesticks. You can get them seperate for around 150 L$ and they are copy ;). So the LOST DAWN Rug set includes rug, sparkling candlestick, 1 pillow with single sitting and laying animations and with 2 pillows for couple sitting and laying animations. You only have to press the arrow down button, like you do it at the Pillow Talk creations, to change positions :). But back to this sparkling candlestick, when you click on it, the candles inflame and their light illuminates your room, one further click and the flames strew out little soft sparklings and makes your time together with your love one more special :). It makes the saying "I get the stars from the sky for you" more effective.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I would like to let you know something. I had a talk with a very friendly and wise girl. We talked about SL relationships. Well, I don't know why people talk to me after some minutes about their deepest feelings and believings or about their life. I think it's a skill which I got and wow, sometimes it's hard, because I have also my own issues or problems. But I'm ever patient and be a good listener to those people, because I know, after a very bad experience, how hurtful SL can be.

We talked a long time, and she said something, which remaind me on an always up coming conversation with one of my friends. And I'm sure when she reads this post, she knows exactly that it is for her...My friend always tried to tell me, that she knows me, well, we we met in SL and you can't know someone so good, when you never met the person in RL. But she always keeps saying, "I know my friends very well." And told me I haven't any knowing, I'm naive. Fact is you don't know them, because SL is another world. In SL you can be whatever you want. You can tell stories and no one can figure out if it is a lie or the truth. You don't see the other ones body language or how their voice sound. To say, that you know your friends, only through SL. Is just a simple pure imagination. Some things, of course, you can see and figure out, but you will never know the person behind the screen. Because what would be, when someone very special write you "I love you, you are my soulmate, my other half and I want a future with you?" And behind the screen this person, which tells you these wonderful, romantic words is laughing? Can you read out of these words, that this person really means it serious? Hmm, no. You have to trust their typed words. But you can't see if she is making fun of you. So I would like to share this conversation, because after this talk, I realized, that people, which tells you, they are your friends or they love you so deep and you would be their only one, aren't telling the truth. Of course, their always exist some exceptions. But in my case, it was only hot air, in which I believed.

She: I thought he was perfectly charming, but everyone on SL is charming and handsome....making a relationship work in RL is much harder than in SL....

Me: I agree

She: in SL, I'm not going to gripe about you leaving the toilet seat up, and you're not going to complain about how money i spend on RL, you have *real* issues to deal with, but as well as we think we know people in SL, we don't really know them, KWIM?

I hope and I wish you, that this never will happen to you. It broke me and it took a big part of me away, because I need a long time to trust someone. The one knew it and saw me as a challenge, to demostrate that she can get each one which she wants. Watch out for such people in SL, their are a lot of dazzlers outside.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The final Friday

So, after one week of posting and writing and thinking, we just reached the last part, the final post :). Well, doesn't mean I stop blogging.

What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

Well, hard to say. Hmm, I learned a lot, indeed. Expierence is very important in both lifes, because you need it to grow and to reach your goals. I read a lot other blogs, which joned this challenge and it was very interesting to get another view on things and how to describe and talk about things. Each blogger has his own style, kind and wording to express their ways. It was a wonderful expierence and I don't want to miss it ;).

And for all other bloggers..Keep going! Don't give up on your goals and dreams. Blog about what is on your mind. There are more people outside, which feel in the same way or have the same questions. I only know, when I never had started to join SL, I never had started to read blogs and to start my own one ;). Thank you to all out there :) Take care of yu and enjoy your SL as you enjoy your RL.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A NEW SL Viewer

I'm so impressed about the skills of people. It's amazing what all people can create, if they really want it. Today I got an interesting message from the NPIRL group. A brand new SL viewer would be available. So, what do I? Nosy as I'm :). Got the link and had a closer look. Once I tried out the GreenLife Emerald Viewer, well, it isn't really something for me. From the most features, I never had heard about it! And now there is a new one! Buuuuut! It is more for SL power users :) So this sound more after me.
Check out the new! GEMINI Viewer ;). Skills Hak "borrowed" some features from the Emerald Viewer, but also added new ones. So the GEMINI Viewer has a better stability and render speed and some of the builder restrictions are removed. Soooo you can be more creative :). If you want to see the full list of the features, have a look there :)

Na, this means for me, tonight will be a long night. I will have a closer look to this new Viewer, because I really need one, where I'm not so easily crash :) So, I'm off the check out the new Viewer :) Let me see how long it takes me to crash looool.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zoobong & Caliente

Like I mentioned at a previous post, I found on my MHOH this store. Zoobong & Caliente. When I had a look, yesterday, I wasn't so interested, because I had to hurry to find my MHOH sign :) But today, I had a closer look. And this store remainds me on a GAP store in RL and on a Billabong one. The store looks great, simple, but a huge selling space. They hang pants and shirts, so that you can see what you are going to purchase :). It's very helpful for guys like me. Because in clothes and girls I'm very picky. It must look good and shouldn't be a waste of money. I'm very carefully in buying new clothes, because on the pictures it always looks GREAT!, but after it is in your inventory, in a hurry you tp home, because you can't wait to try it and then you get a shock! The pants are too short and it isn't modify!! AGH! Or the shirt is too short and you look like a clown, or the collar doesn't look perfect :( Who doesn't know about all the mistakes and things which can happen when you go shopping. And then I don't wonder any longer, why my inventory reaches the five-figure number.

Ok, the Cali Jeans aren't my favorites, because the waistband is very low. Each one can see my pubic hair!!! (Helllooo?? pubic hair!!?? Never heard the word "shaver"?!) If it should look sexy, then I'm sorry, I don't need to look sexy ;) And it comes with sculpties leg attachments ?!?! No, this isn't something for me. The first time I put on the MHOH gift, the Cali Jeans) I had to suppress the desire to scream out loud. They looked too short for my taste, but then I figured out the sculptie things, but well, didn't change my mind. Anyway, I'm sure there are a lot out there, which love this style. Maybe I'm only too old-fashioned ;). Besides the pants, they have good looking shirts and sweaters and a little amount of hot male skins. It is worth a visit ;).

So enough of my shopping odyssee from today :). I thought about to blog more about men fashion in SL. Whenever I search something in Google, hundreds of women fashion blogs pop up . There are only a handful of men fashion blogs, mostly from their designers themself.

Poses, poses, poses, poses, poses,....

I have a horrible faible for poses. Not each one. Pfff Good ones! Ones where you have a look and it take your breath away. Which you can use with your love one for taking adorable memories :). I was addiceted to MEYA poses. Wonderful ones! And remember my SL time which I spent at MEYA's store, to get a new pose from the lucky chair? Looool These poses took my breath away. But yesterday, everything changed in my cute poses world :( There are other stores out there, which have also wonderful, adorable, breath taking poses!!!! Oh my gosh! I had my view so focused on MEYA's poses, that I didn't recognized there are still other good ones in SL :). I found 2, which I really adore and would like to share with you. :) I love the meaning of such poses, what they want to express...feelings, emotions and the invisible bound between the persons on the balls.

Awesome dance poses :) by Essential Soul Studios

This one is so lovely by Essential Soul Studios

(also a lot of femal and male single poses for your AO at this store)

And also some very intimitate ones by Essential Soul Studios

(btw. the right one was the Couple PosesPhoto Contest Winner May 09)

The 2nd one, which I would like to share with you, is B & F - Poseworx. There you can find also a lot of single poses for your Ao, or wonderful, detailed and cute couple poses :).

Aren't they cute?

Awww. I love the left one, It's one of my 100 favorites :)

I love to do that in RL too :)

What about "Dirty Dancing"?

I always stopped breathing at this scene in the movie :)

Topic for Tuesdya

Blogger's Choice! Write about anything you want!

Hehe, na this isn't so easy as it sound :) Soooooo...Ha! I want you to show you my new bedroom. I got a very precious gift from one of my closest friends. A new bed! Loool Yeah! No kidding! It looks awesome! Not that my old one looked boring or so, no! The new one is a "The Loft" bed, so any questions now? No? So all of you know about the adorable furnitures at "The Loft"? Good! Because the creator is a amazing, adorable, great, a genius! Colleen Desmoulins, hmmm the name alone sounds after creativity and competence.

Once I remeber, Krissy, which is now the CSR at "The Loft", showed me the little store. That was easily months ago loool. And now? Look, how BIG it got! WOW! Normally I haven't any interest in furniture or so, when I have a SL gf I let her free hand in furnitures and how the house should look, because I want that she feels comfy :). And so I'm not a specialist in prefabs and the whole furniture product line. But I can say, I love "The Loft"! Loool *dk*

Honestly, I don't know why she gifted me with a PG one?! Looool Well, I think she only takes care of me :). She knows how breakable my heart is. But anyway, I finally removed my old one and also the other furniture, which I bought at "Oasis Furniture" and came with all in one box. So very handy for guys like me loool. Maybe I should have a look for a SL gf? Which styles my house?! Hmmmm....NO! If I need help I have my lovely BFF :) I hope one day she doesn't get annoyed from all the IM's (Sorry, Babe)

I also have to say, hunts are not so bad :). I'm just into the MHOH (Make Him Over Hunt), ok, ok, at the moment I'm stucked at the NOSOTR@S store. Pfff I don't find this silly sign *sigh* But I don't give up :) Because the prizes are awesome, skins, animations, poses, clothes, eyes! And all these from very good designers :) and so good quality freebies :).

Bed: The Loft - Sharon Platform Bed (PG) Touch Pillows for color menu and mattress for animations (only 21 prims!)

Little frame: Photo frame M slider 2 prims colour script on

Picture behind the bed: House on the Hill - Monroe Snook (one of my favorite Sl artist, besides Eves Rodenberger, join her group "Art Maniacs" and you will recieve a lot of useful information about art and also group gifts :))

Clothes: Pants !ZB: Zoo Jeans [Navy] found at Zoobong & Caliente, Alphamale - Polo shirt - Brown promotional item 1 (gift from the MHOH) found at Alphamale & Blacklace (since 2007 in SL) and the necklace I found at LacieCakes awwww it's such a cute one :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey folks :)

Perfect to Alicia Chenaux's topic for Wednesday (If there was someone you could trade places with for one day in Second Life, who would it be and why? Bonus points if you find this person and snap a picture with them!)

I would like to introduce you to the one I would trade places :) I found this cute guy at Isla Clairvaux and it was friendship from the first word on. He is very quiet, stands at a very good place, so that he can overview the whole parcel, doesn't try to orbit you and he is a very very gooood listener :) I talked to him over 1 hour, yeah yeah, time can fly, when you are in the middle of a very comfy conversation. Of course, I asked him about this picture. Before I get troubles with some copyright or so, you know, you jave to take care in SL about this. Pff
I would suggest, next time, when you are around the parcel, have a look and say "Hello" to my new friend. *sigh* I wish I could trade places with him for only one day, I'm sure I would see a lot and hear a lot :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chicken update 3

Ok, I didn't know ONE thing! That they grow sooooo fast :( I just logged into SL and well, my first thought was, they aren't my cute little chicken babies. Someone came to my house and exchanged them! Na. the status information shows 3% (years), but they look like they would be 6 or so!! Where are my cute little chicken babies?! I think I will have a look at the chicken farm on my neighbours parcel. Maybe there I find my cute little chicken babies ;)

Well, also I would like to answer the topic from Alicia Chenaux for tuesday:
You've been given a sim of your very own to use for free for one year. However, there are 3 rules. It cannot be residential, it cannot be commercial, and it has to be open to the public. What do you do with it?
Hmm, I would ask my dear friend Kaja Lurra for some advices. She is so amazing in landscaping. Would make a forest, romantic paths for lovers, hidden caves, waterfalls, a lot of poseballs (of course PG ones!) and on some places I would put up some arts, like great, amazing sculpties and pictures. There must be a path around the sim, good for long, romantic walks or horse rides.
It should be a sim where you can find everything what your heart desires for relaxing, enjoying and finding peace to clam down from a busy stressful day in RL ;)
Sometimes I'm not very good in expressing my thoughts and ideas loool But be sure, it would be an adorable, amazing, peacefully place, where your find balance and where you can take your beloved one for a night out, hanging out with your dear friends and where you can be also alone, but wouldn't feel alone :) Hmm na wait, not sure if this sentence makes nay sense loool I'm sorry, but I'm sure you know what I mean :) And yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic :) It's nothing bad with this, only a little bit difficult to find the right one, which shares it with me.
We will read us tomorrow again, with the next topic :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like. Hmm, this is todays topic at BBBC 2009. *sigh* My perfect SL day...Wow, I thought the whole day about this, but it is really hard loool So well, I will start with a day off of RL work, getting something to drink, preparing for a wonderful, relaxing day in SL on my couch ;) And now the important click on my mouse and...ta tarata!!! SL viewer is open and tries to get a handshake with the region, where I want to log in...normally my home position ;)

Everything is rezzing slow :( Na, I'm using my laptop for SL, so no wonder that it is soooooo slow. After checking out my baby chickens, which are btw. soooooo cute and so handsome. I'm used, when I log in, to go downstairs of my adorable, but very empty looking house :(, to my cute chickens and then I stay in the middle of my living room and wait until they come to me and cuddle with my feets. Once I visited the chickens of my friend and she told me they don't like her, they always try to escape...Hmmm, maybe the reason is, because you have them outside, locked in a little space. And I think it is the same with women, one or two in a room are handy, but more as 2 is very dangerous :) It could be that they don't like each other..That they are jealous, because one has a better looking as the other one, or the other one has a softer skin as the other one...well, who know's what they are thinking.

Oooohhhh! Na, better back to my topic of this day :) Ok, I'm already logged into SL and my cute chickens made me feel loved. Fact at the moment they are the only one which make me feeling this, but anyway. That's another pair of shoes ;) I seldom have a look on my friendslist to see who is online. So I'm very excited when I get an IM :) So now don't hestitate to IM me (you know now how much i love it KIDDING!)

My perfect SL day is this day, when I have a faster, better computer with an amazing graphic card and high speed internet access :) Ok, this is now a dream loool No, I always try to make each time/day in SL perfect :) I hang out with my dear friends, play the truthball (created by Leesa Donner) This truthball game is wonderful, it is the perfect thing to know each other better, because you have to answer the questions with all one's heart.

And the questions are very funny ;) You should try it! I like to visit new places and there is nothing better, as to walk around and take your time for getting a perfect view for a picture :) Yes, I need my time for the perfect shot. Well, I don't know, maybe I'm used to it, but I go there by my own. Let my avatar standing and cam around to find a good view. Then I try different windlight settings for skies and water. And of course THIS finally takes their time. Oh and when I'm done I'll change to my NEW! Photoshop version 7! Awwww I'm so excited with it, until now I used Photoshop 6 and you can't do all with it :( And so I had to make changes, this was one of it :)

Annnnnnd later, when I'm done, I have a look at some romantic ballroom places. No, not for that what you think! I seldom, very seldom dance! Pffff Oh well, with the years I feel it in my legs, you know? And so I prefer to stand a little bit far away from the dancefloor and then I do that, what I never thought I would do. I read profiles! Loooool Yeah, I become a profile stalker! There are so many good ones, interesting ones and it is perfect to find new interesting places. So I think this all describes very well my vision of a perfect SL day ;)

OH! I almost had forgotten the most important thing, which makes a SL day to a perfect see and to talk to my BFF :) Yes! this all is all I need for a perfect SL day.....Folks, thank you for reading this topic and to be still in front of you screens...Hmmm *knock knock* HEY! Wake up! The post is done! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2009 started!!

Well, I decided (pinched from my dear friend Krissy), to sign up for this challenge ;) Today she told me about this and my first reaction: Do I blog soooooo bad????!!!! Ok, ok! It's a saying! Now I know looool Each day you learn new things, which pushes you forward in your life. Each morning starts a new day, a new challenge. Each day you ask yourself again and again...What will happen today?! Some are dreaming of a family, some are dreaming of an own house, some are dreaming of a new vehicle. But well, be honest to yourself, do we really need all this crap to be happy? I don't think so and I'm glad that I have my friends, my views and my values. A lot don't understand them, but this is their problem not mine. And if you don't like them, yeah, then don't ask to be my friend :) Anyway, I run off the topic...Yes, no news :) It is the little thing which count in our lifes. Ok, now I stop to hold a predict. She only meant it in a good way, to improve my writing skills. I love to write and she knows it ;) Excited about the post on Ch'know I will start with my first post, one per day.

Todays question: How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I started blogging last year. A friend and I created a blog about the romantic places in SL. It was a new experience and it was fantastic to give your thoughts words and to impress emotions with it. But always it is the same....Everything what makes someone happy, ends one day :( Today I regret it, that I deleted this wonderful blog (they should remove the delete button pfff), but it wasn't directly an ending....It was the beginning of something new. Often in life you have to let the past behind and go new ways on your journey ;) And I did. I found a new side in SL and started to blog about it. And there we go now ;) Yes, it enriched my life, indeed! To read all of this wonderful, fantastic blogs is already an enrichment ;)

And thanks to all, which are very patient with my writing and spelling. If you find a typo, you can keep them, don't need them back and NO! I don't pay for them :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eves Rodenberger

I just met a famous adorable SL Photographer. I adore her work. Eves Rodenberger ;) We met by accident at the hoorenbeek store :) Well, when you wondering what I'm doing at hoorenbeek, hmm well...I'M on the hunt! loool But this time it's a hunt only for males :) Isn't it fantastic?! Normally I run around and search for lips or whatever. This time I joined a male hunt in SL! And I can only say wwwoooooooohhhoooooo!!!!!!! Great stuff! If you are interested in this hunt, have a look at MADesign, where all starts ;) The hunt is running until 30th of June so enough time for me to find ALL things. For more informations and updates visit their website, MAKE HIM OVER :) What a cool name for a male hunt loool

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicken update 2

Isn't it wonderful you come home and there are some which welcome you? I'm sure a lot would love it in RL, but I really enjoy it in SL :) They are soo cute! When I log into SL at my house, they are yelling and can't wait until to run for my feets :) They are now 2 years (is this correct to say?!) lool I only see 2% in their status information, hmmm. But well, I think one day I will log in and they are BIG chickens :) I asked my friend Krissy, if they would be still sooo cute and little. Na, she told me "no" :( The good part, they will hatch again little cute chicken babies :) So, now I can't wait until they become some....

RP in SL

Some days ago I decided to try out some RP (roleplay). I had a look at some RP sims and came to the result. I do western RP. ;) Well, I had my western outfit already in my inventory and so no need to purchase and spend a lot of L$ in new things. The first western RP sim was great! A lot of people, sim crashing, a lot of lag, new weapons and and and...So after searching for new weapons, I got tired. The sim, where the shops were, was laggy and so unsorted :( I ran around like a headless chicken! Pfff And after the sim crashed I decided to have a look at the next western RP. By accident I tp'd to the Wyoming Territory. My friend Kaja joined me and together we walked around. We were so impressed about the landscaping. Kaja told me there are 11 different sims! Oh wow! And they are so amazing. You have to see it on yourself. The founder and creators of these sims made a very good job. ;) At the arrival station you can get your "Observer" tag or you use the "Cripple Creek Meter". The RP time is "Victorian", so of course you have to wear the right clothes. Ladies, no blinging boots or mini skirts! :) I know some girls love to wear them day and night lool Btw. I'm not a fan of such girls, I prefer the cute, causual look ;) *vd*

With the "Observer" tag and the "Cripple Creek Meter" you also get the rules, textures, what is allowed and what not, weapons and fight HUD. So a lot of free important stuff. I remember at one RP, which I tried out once, I had to buy a lot Pff But here you get it for free. ;) After you attached all the important things, you are allowed to feel free and walk around. But don't forget! After you entered the RP, you have to stay in role. You are now at Savage Frontier 1860. Don't be scared about all the notecards titled with "rules" ;) There isn't a lot to read about it and that what you read, trust me, you will love :) It is a NO DRAMA ZONE. At one point I'm not sure about the rules :( They are writing, "Basic guideline: If something wasn't around in the 1860's, it's not available in role play either." But did a chewing gum vendor exist at the year 1860?!?! Hmm, I think I have to research that.
Anyway, we walked around and the people here are very friendly and nice ;) And the place isn't overrun. Which I really appreciate ;) For people which would like to explorer new things in SL is this the best place to sneak into RP. And it is an amazing place to take pictures too :) Come and relax at the stunning beauty....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Harmony

Each friday I get a notecard about which new interesting places are hot in SL. Today I got nosy of Summer Harmony and tried to walk around. This sim is adorable and fantastic. The sim is created in beach style and there are several caves to explorer and to buy, waterfall included ;) Well, I didn't walk a lot around, because I got a little bit laggy :( And so I can't really tell you if it is really such a romantic place, because all I saw, were waterfall caves for rent or for sale?!? Of course a love bed included pfff It is indeed worth a visit, because it is an amazing place to take photos. Detailed trees, palms, waterfalls and bridges invite you for long walks, alone or with company, this one is something what you have to decide :) Come and see on yourself!

Baby Chicken Update No. 1

So far so good ;) I was really surprised, because when I logged into SL today, my cute little babies were back in the house! YEAH!! They are very clever hehehe Well so at the moment there are very tired, but in a very good condition. Hmm I'm wondering when they start to grow!? Na, I will let you know :)
And I found a very interesting website, where I get for all my questions an answer :) Enjoy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Na wonderful!!!

Ok, thank you to my best friend! Pffff I'm now proud daddy of 2 cute chicken eggs!!! Well, often saw such eggs on different blogs and also my neighbours have an own chicken farm. So I KNOW about this eggs! So a little advice for the next time when your lovely best friend gives you something. DON'T TAKE IT!! It could be some of these eggs!! Hmm, now I have them in my house loool. How funny is that?! Normally they should live outside, but...Well, they need a lot of care and much love and much attention and a comfy home, so I thought my house would be a better place , because no one would kill them or do anything with them, when I'm not online. Ok, well, first I opened the notecard, hmm better to say notecards! 3 of them. So I started to read them and get, of course, lost in them. Pffff Ha! During I write this post they sneaked outside, ok now they are outside of the house. Na funny! But well they choose it :) I put a food there, so and now I'm waiting that they are eating. I hope they do! They are cute in some way lool Well, I will let you know when they grow further, at the moment it looks they have a grow stop, hmmm. Ohhhh, in case you want to gift someone special with such cute, nagging babies, then you should really visit SionChicken at Gothlauth. Buuuut! Don't forget the food. I read this "Only feed your chicken with Sion's biological chicken food to provide optimal health!" So don't forget the special food :) Take care of your future chicken and have fun with them :)


Inspiration is the key to everything in life. Well, you only should be prepared and see the signs, but that is another pair of shoes. ;) The last days I got filled up with inspiration and I would like to show you my lastest works :) Also you can find it at Koinup too :) I hope you will enjoy it so much as I enjoyed it to take it....

"Winterland" taken by K. Ordianry at Isla Clairvaux

"Touched by the sunlight" taken by K. Ordinary at Isla Clairvaux

If you are interested in one of my works and would like to purchase one, please feel free to contact me through my email ;) Thank you!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Get lost at Opar

Are you nosy? Like me? Yes? Hmm, then you should visit Opar! A virtual massage for your soul. A romantic hide out for you and your love one, your special one. Arm in arm amble through the wide meadows of Opar. Enjoy the silent and the fantastic atmosphere brings you in a better mood, flying up to the highest point of Opar, standing there and inhale this free, honest air. :) I really enjoyed my visit at Opar and I'm sure you will too. Find the Hidden Forest, take a walk to Opar's Wild Shore and fall in love with such an adorable creation by Mariko Nightfire and Kaja Lurra. Surrounded by wild flowers, tall grasses and realistic trees, starts your walk. ;)

The Southpoint Yacht Club, a stunning italian villa, invites you and your beloved one to a dance under the amazing japanese lanterns. Coffee tables want you to take a seat and relax with a cup of delicious coffee. ;)

The name for Mariko's sim is easily to explain :) Opar is a fictional lost city in Edgar Rice Burrough's series of Tarzan novels. And Opar is a great place to hone your photoshop and windlight skills ;)