Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of my favorite SL artist...

is Eves Rodenberger. She is awesome..hmm, well I never met her, but I lover her work :). Eves is besides Monroe Snook, one of a bunch of SL artists, which I adore. I could name u a hundred more! Some of their art I can say, I understand what they want to express, but some I haven't any clue :(. Last week I got a group notification from Studio 33. Of course, I had to go there and to look at them :).

I also met a cute little guy, which welcomed me. Heck! Is he cute, but after he showed me his tongue..he wasn't cute anymore, more like a sassy guy :). But anyway.....
After I passed this little, sassy puppy, with his sunglasses, I went thru the gallery. I like it, to walk thru galleries and to look at the different works from artists. Then I found Rodenberger's.
Crommhold by Eves Rodenberger

Spring at the Beach by Eves Rodenberger

Thinking of You by Eves Rodenberger (left)
Warm Spring breeze by Eves Rodenberger (right)

I like the way she uses windlight :). She is really an inspiration to me an dI guess to a lot of others in SL. When you google her name, the result is amazing! She is one of the top artists!

I hope you enjoy her work as I do :). Visit Studio 33! Eves isn't the only artist there and they are all worth a look :). Enjoy!

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