Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breeze by Inside Prefabs

In my last post I talked about 2 house skyboxes I want to show you...there we go...e voilà....
At this one, I love the garden, not linked with the house. But without a pool :(. It comes with 2 story and 193 prims and needs around 1024 sqm. Not so bad, when you remember the Basic one. Of course, you will get your free update for life, security system, blinds, lockable doors, radio and "lights 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors". The huge metal gateway is unique and gives the whole place an impressiv look.

It's just a little bit smaller ;). I took a closer look and what I found I want to show you....

It's adorable! At this one, the furniture isn't linked with the rest of the house skybox, so you can move or delete them, whatever you prefer ;). I really like the curtains. In the past, I remember I had only houses without curtains :(...hmm, maybe I got the wrong ones ;). The couch is also adjustable and comes with MLP 98 high quality cuddles animations.
Doesn't it look cute? You will also find the hot tube, which makes bubbles ;). And you will find a kitchen, just in case, some uninvited friends will come by..don't worry the fridge is filled :). At the 2nd floor you find a terrace with an umbrella and an animated rug. Perfect for romance.
At the bedroom, you have behind the bed and in front the open sight. I'm sure at night, when the stars are coming out and the moon, it will give this bedroom the important romantic note ;). The bed comes with MLP Xcite compatible high quality animations: 6 props, single, kisses, cuddles, 4-play and BDSM menu. Just in case you want to play around :).
Thru the whole house skybox wanders the unique light green style, which makes it more comfy and if you are a big fan of green, you shouldn't miss it :).

Since 05/15/2011 you have the option to leave a review. And from my side it gets a big plus! Seldom that I see such a detailed work. I love to say, "It is created with love." You can see it shinning thru each piece of this creation. We don't have here a completely newbie, we have here someone which has style, ideas, is very creativ and has a huge potential AND she can use the right tools, perfect :).
And in the end, the price shouldn't hurt at all....just L$300. For this what you get, it's just a peanut ;).

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