Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's very easy...

to get my attention...well, for the most things ;). The last time I walked around in SL, I only wanted to check out a place, but then my attention got caught by a simple art on their wall. So I looked up the name of this artist/creator and got all information I needed to search for the store :) I love to investigate loool.

Since some month I think about to buy a land or to rent it, well again. I did this once, but I were so seldom in SL, that I gave it up. It doesn't cost so much, but at the other side, for what?! Most of the time I walk around, check out places, I heard or just talk with friends in a nearby cafe or dance hall. But when I see all the awesome houses, I'm not longer sure. But also there are so many cool and lovely houses! So it would be hard to choose one. I would end up buying one each week and change it all the time! And this, folks, isn't any option for me ;). But anyway, back to the main topic, why I started to write this post.

The builder of this amazing, sculpted house skybox is Novocaine Islay. She is a fantastic builder/creator! I couln't resist and made some pictures of 2 skyboxes, which looked for me really awesome!

 BASIC by Inside Studio©

This cute 3 story house skybox comes with a lovely terrace and a garden platform, which isn't linked with the house, and a small multianimated pool, just to get your toes wet ;). It comes with 299 prims, full furnished. The house needs around 2048 sqm, security system included, radio, blinds and the best part "lights 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors"! Not sure if you will find something like that for less.
And yes, of course, I had to look inside of it ;).

I like the colors....it makes it soft and comfy. Just gives you the feeling you are home ;). Either SL got more creators with heart and a feeling for details or it is just me, which has the luck to find such breath taking creations.
Outside the house is just perfect, but also the inside, the furniture suits perfect to the house and are animated with MLP 98 high quality cuddles animations, no static and without any freebie poses, a romantic fireplace, a viewer 2 with tv support for the guys ;).

The bedroom comes with sex bed MLP Xcite compatible high quality animations: 6 props, single, kisses, cuddles, 4-play, BDSM menu. Just in case you want to know ;). For me it isn't in any way important, because I prefer to give attention to other things as to having sexual contact in SL :). Behind the bed, stairs will lead you the way to the 3rd floor.

For me, it would be the right house skybox, but the bad thing, there are a lot of wonderful and amazing house skyboxes available. You get free updates for life, which is really cool! She also included a bathroom with a hot tub and MLP high quality cuddles animations and I heard the hot tube makes bubbles ;)!

If you want to get a better feeling for these creations, please visit their place. Where you can choose one and can rezz it. Have a look how it look likes before you purchase it. Either on SLExchange or InWorld. If you aren't in SL right now, check out her website. Feel free to IM her in English or Italian,  for more information or if you have any further questions.

Oh! Didn't I mention the price? I'm sorry my bad....but not sure if you would believe me....the Basic house skybox just comes for L$ 99!!!!! YES! You read right and no you don't have anything on your eyes! Isn't it amazing!! I just want to say "Thank You" to Novocaine Islay to share her awesome creations with us and gives it to us with such an unbelievable price!

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