Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Late, but finally it also caught me

I just figured out how to get "blog on the go" and as you can see I made it thru the long process ;). Maybe it is a good idea, cause my RL got busier and busier and there are some times where it can be very useful to blog on the go.
Especially when I read other blogs and I decide these things are also good to know and whenelse do you come to read other blogs? When I have some minutes for my own ;)
In the future we will see how this will work out, using my Blackerry (BB) instead of my good old laptop, but anyway I guess I wouldn't use it if I would have a touchscreen phone. I would get lost on the letters using by touch or more frustrated, because I would always touch the wrong one ;).
So stay in and read more, but for now there is a MenStuff hunt waiting on me!

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