Sunday, June 26, 2011

Second life vs Meshes ?!?

If you are someone like me, you probably haven't any idea what SL and a lot of others are talking about.
A long time ago I tried the sculptie thing, I only made one sculptie heart. Well, it didn't look so bad, but I wasn't so into sculpties and now they annoce to bring them into SL. A new generation starts!

Meshes are the next level after prims and sculpties. I'm really not sure how far Linden Lab will accept meshes. How many polygene? And the more polygene you use, the more detailed it will be. And what will happen with the prims you safe? A lot of questions :)

And also I'm not an expert in this field, but still nosy :). If you want to read more technical details visit the huge wiki.secondlife or the mesh betagrid you can try out this new technologie on your own.

Well, so or so: Mesh are coming to SL this summer!!

The exciting part is, you get a whole new expierence in viewing SL. The sad part is probably viewer 1 won't support it. Of course, meshes would make a SL life very easier. You don't need so many prims anymore, just to build a house. But for people like me, it will get harder. Now I really think about to learn Blender or some similiar builder tool. But reading about meshes, polygene, triangles or the different types of it, like simple mesh, multi-face mesh and last but not least, the rigged mesh.

I love to build things in SL, it is much easier to fullfill  your dreams in SL. That's the major reason I still stay in SL for years. Honestly, in RL I would never have the chance to build my dreamhouse in the way I would like to have it. In SL? Not a big deal ;)

I only can say, if you are really, really, really interested in meshes, go ahead and read and learn it. It is a very good technic to create your stuff, like shoes, dresses, houses and so on. If you have a good hand for for Blender or something like that, do it! After reading this informations, I think I stick with taking pictures ;).

Maybe on day I get to take a picture of something you have created with mesh :).

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