Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's talk about it.....

My curiosity brought me to a place called "Golden Gate".
Well, I didn't know, that this place has more to do with beeing gay or whatever. But it caught my attention. Not that I'm gay....hmmm, let me think....hmmm..well no comment at this time. What I wanted to show you is not the awesome Golden Gate Bridge..NO! I found a wonderful, a little bit hidden place to share your feelings. Feelings for beloved ones, which passed away and the reason is AIDS. In these days we all have to think about AIDS, more then ever. It is not the huge "Lifeball" in Vienna, not the tousend of dollars which gets donate, it is the time...The time people needs to get over from a loss of their beloved ones. To get a chance to look forward in their lifes, to see how wonderful life can be, even when you lost someone. Now, death is not any longer a taboo topic. Today, we can talk easier about it as years ago, because time is changing, people are changing. And also we have to face the reality, also one day we all die....Jase Byrne, a builder in the SL universe, created a path of AIDS Quilt Panels.
From people which shows their feelings. As he describes "It is a nice way to get in touch with my feelings." I only saw panels till 2010, so I'm not quite sure, if he still sets them up, but feel free to IM him, I guess someone with such a heart, can't get mad about it.
You can walk thru the forest, a long the little path and you can look what other people created to remember their love ones.
Why I posted this? Because AIDS is every where, not only in the gay area. Everybody can get it! We only can protect ourselfs with beeing carefully....
On my way back I decided to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge and along the street, Treat Kanto stood up some of his pictures. Art in another way, but still fascinating.
I hope you will find some time to walk thru the AIDS Quilt Panels. It is worth, because sometimes silence gives you the power to look forward to conquere life!
PS. Don't get scared of the name "Naughty Boys Beach" :) There isn't anything naughty here...hmm well I didn't see anything naughty ;)

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