Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anno 1900, France,...

the time of the Moulin Rouge,..but, no, we don't go to the SL Moulin Rouge :) No, we are visiting a new exhibition at the Paris 1900 Sim. Zephyru Zapedzki and Life Charron decided to share with us their adorable art at "The Museum of Paris". You can see his work, RL oils on canvas, on the first level. On the 2nd and 3rd floor you can see SL and RL black and white photography of Life Charron.

Zephyru is a RL painter and musican from Lisboa, Portugal. Oils on canvas and also in pencil, acrylic and photography are brighten our horizon. Life Charron is a SL and RL photographer, which caughts the moments. If you want to read or see more of her visit her blog. The museum is left handed, when you leave the metro, and on 3 levels you can't get enough of their works. Realism, surrealism, nudes, landscape, abstract, from all a little bit and and the result you can see at this vernissage in SL. I only can say, what a wonderful, so deep touching work. Seldom I'm so excited.
One of his work made me thinking and I have to share this wonderful paint with you.

Black Arum by Zephyru Zapedzki (oil on canvas)

If you want to see more of them, don't be shy ;) go there and have a look, Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and a glass or more of this delicious champagne :). Je regarde vous la!

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