Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm a big fan of SL's sandboxes :), when you found finally one which isn't too full to build. Anyway. Yesterday I explored a LM, which I got from the ImpPRL group. The IBM Sandbox. And be sure, when you get a notice from this group it's always good to have a look. Did you hear of Spiral Walcher?? An amazing creator, artist and builder. He was the one which built the adorable "Tunnel of Light", with 3 other highly gifted friends. This time they talked about a cartoon world very high in the sky, created by Spiral Walcher. So then, let's check it out! :) Wow, it was a long long flight, but you don't get disappointed. How amazing! Clouds, a little house (maybe his new home ;)), green grass, trees, wonderful work with the light of the sun and also there live animals! A whole little cartoon island lool A cute pig and something what looked like a bear, but really, don't kill me, when I'm wrong! If you want to find this place in the sky, wear a flight gadget and then up to the sky :) So in around 2504m you will find it and no fear you can explorer it. It is soooo cute! :)

But this isn't all! On the way to the cartoon island I found an interesting place. Well, maybe place isn't the right word ;) better I should say a floating labyrinth. Well, I found it per accident lool Like the most places or things which I find in SL :). But when you are on your way to cartoon island, then you shouldn't miss this gorgeous built platform. Colin Fizgig created a labyrinth and in the middle it looks like the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Amazing!! He is also well known for his creation "Blue Dragon".

Up in the sky in around 638m, there it is..a lovely made labyrinth with signs, which tells you which way is the right one :) very good help, because when you know me, I get sooo easily lost! :( Go there and follow the path.....and let me know, how long you needed to get to the tower :)! Maybe we should make a score board looool

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