Friday, February 20, 2009

In the eye of the storm..

I went thru my Feeds and one of my favorite blog's mentioned "StormEye". So I had to check out :) I think, I'll never understand how people can create such wonderful and amazing places. And I'm really thankful that they share them with us "normal Sl residents". At "The Aho Museum" on the NMC Campus, includes a bright range of art, presents an encyclopedic showcase of virtual art forms and includes sculptures of all kinds and so on :) Well, I only visited the "StormEye", which looks like a pipe or a tube. At the entry you recieve a notecard with all the necessary instructions, so that you can fully enjoy your visit. Go thru the portal, grap a umbrella and climb up the stairs :) you will be fascinated, like me.
It begins like a walk at a sunny afternoon, but then (for this you got the umbrella :)) a storm is coming in. The clouds get more and darker :( Thru the sound effects you really feel like you would standing in the middle of the center of this storm. Rain starts and finally you are happy you got the umbrella :) "StormEye" is a new installation by Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfeld. And definitly a must be! Go there and enjoy the sounds and the effects of "StormEye".

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