Wednesday, February 4, 2009


you walk around and you get an IM of a friend which sent you a LM of a funny place :) Aaaaannnnd? I LOVE THESE TIMES!! loool Remember? I wanted to explorer Fatima's different worlds, but the LM of my friend was so interesting, that I had to go there annnnnd? Voila..I found myself in a big pink box :) Not that I'm not used to it lool but still interesting....The creator of this funny avatar puzzle is Olza Koenkamp, I'm sure some had heard about this awesome artist. He is a member of Not Possible IRL. Remember the NPIRL garden exhibition? Yes, I'm sure you do :) Well, his newest project is.. BIG PSOMM!! Do I see some ?? above your heads?? Go there and try it out, but don't forget to bring some friends with you, because alone you can't make it working. There are boxes and in each box there are body parts and each avatar is a body part :) Sounds strange?! Not really, sounds more interesting, because how does it look when there are 10 avatars trying to make one step?! loool So then let me call in at my friends and see what it brings! :)


  1. hi:) thank you a lot!
    I made a documentary machinima about it:
    Olza Koenkamp

  2. you are very welcome :) and thank you for the documentary :) greetings!