Monday, February 9, 2009

My visit at Drottningholm Palace Grand Opening Masquerade

As you can remember, besides on the calendar, I mentioned the big Grand Opening of the Drottningholm Palace - The Royal Court of Sweden. Oh, it was great. A new expierence. I never were interesting in roleplay in the last months, since I started SL. I thought SL IS still roleplay, but to play a roleplay in the roleplay, well yes, this was very new for me ;) So I got an invitation and my company had important RL things :( But nothing can hold me, when it comes to be nosy ;) And so I attend all by myself at this event. I don't regret anything. I was very amused. We all had to come to the center in front of the court, then we got our instructions and they told us the event program. All started with a impressing firework at the garden. Maybe I should say, all plays in the 18th century. Where the girls were miladies ;) and the guys are marquess. Well, maybe I shouldn't tell you, that I spent the whole day to get a adorable mask and to get the suitable costume for this event ;) Who said Rococo and Baroque are dead?? It is still alive at the Drottningholm Palace. If you don't believe me, go there, wear the OOC visitortag and try to find your role in this play ;) After we got to listen to a wonderful opera, the hunt started! loool Well, I don't know why, but in the last days it seems the hunt is hunting me :) All started with the "Kiss Hunt", I'm sure you heard about it. I would love to see you hunting around 200 lips in different stores on different Sims loool It is indeed, very stressful! But back to the event ;) before I get lost and end up 3 sites further on my blog loool I'm sure you wouldn't be very amused ;) So the hunt, after ONE, YES! We had to find on the whole Sim only ONE little swan! :( Now you can imagine, who didn't find it! Right. It wasn't me! lool OK, after this we were invited to the "Lustgarden" Hmm, well, for my ooption it sounded naughty, but still I was too nosy to figure out what it is. Nothing to worry ;) You have your clothes on ;) It is only a special name for this place, were we danced and got finger food. So when I count all together, it was an impressive event. Which I would love to attend again ;) I still hope, I'm on the invitation list ;)

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