Tuesday, February 3, 2009

St. Michel - Jules Verne Museum

Show me one person, which doesn't know about Jules Gabriel Verne?! He was born Feb. 8 in France and with his first novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) he earned worldwide fame. I'm a member of b-places and when you are a member, you know exactly on friday you will get a notecard with the new places you have to see, like each friday :) And the fact, that I'm very nosy made me to get there and to have a look. Adorable! Awesome and so detailed! It's seldom that I'm so speakless. At the arrival point you have to slide down to the water, alone the feeling when u slide down! WOOOWOOOW!! Fantastic!

There are several points where you can rezz a little ship for a tour. You can choose: subarine, moon, introduction, skywards.
Well, I explorered all destinations ;) and it was great. Take a tour on yourself and see how wonderful they made it! I took some pictures to show you a little view of this place, but as you know, pictures are pictures, you have to see it! :)

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