Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Impressive kind of art mixed with buisness

Some of my favorite blogs mentioned the sim MaxMoney. They wrote about it and..well in this case I'll follow them decent :)"MaxMoney, a lush volcanic terraform designed by award winning landscape artist, Poid Mahovlich, sets the stage for renowned virtual architect/designer Scope Cleaver's original masterwork, the inworld headquarters for MaxMoney - the virtual worlds currency exchange brought to you by Max March (in case someone doesn't know who this marvelous guy is), made possible by MaxMoney, Inc.Region Managed, Contributing Artists Bryn Oh and Dizzy Banjo"

It is indeed worth a try to go there and have a look :) The silent there is spooky, but lay back in one of the chairs and enjoy the surrounding...Cya there :) not only for exchanging lool

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  1. Hey there... Stumbled on this a month later but thanks for posting about MaxMoney! A very pleasant surprise. Warmest regards, Max