Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big evening :)

Yesterday evening was my big time. Hmm OK, my big 15 seconds loool Some weeks ago, I got an invite to join the Mr. Virtual World 2009 Casting. And why not?! Not to become a professional. hmmm no :) of course for FUN! And last evening, one of the many audition started. Some minutes before 5pm SLT I got my things ready, the right pose, the right walk you know ;) Arrived at this wonderful place I got nervous. My most worry "I Hope I don't crash!" lool But I didn't ;) Thanks godness! I took pictures so that you can see how it was....and well till now I didn't get a note, if I made it in the finale or not....But also when I don't come in the was a wonderful experience and lots of fun :) So think of me and wish me luck! I'll let you know.

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