Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wanna have some fun?

At the weekend I decided to have a look at this fishing thing. Once a friend told me about it, but I wasn't really interesting to sit there and wait till I catch a fish. And sooooo I checked out the "7Seas Fishing Game Headquarter" :) It's very easy to meet there new friends, but also the fishing part, you shouldn' forget :) You can choose between different rods, but I wanted, when I try something out, I start with the professional, sooo I bought the pro rod, hmmm very interesting thing I must say :) It isn't really expensive. OK, when you only wanna try it out, then you shoulod try the "Demo Fishing Rod" for L$ 1. Or you get the "Casual Fishing Rod", but it doesn't count your drafts. So then yesterday, I tried it out. I went to 7Seas Fishing place, well it isn't the only place where you can enjoy your new hobby :) There are several places which offers fishing. For example at Costa Rica, a lovely Sim, created with so much love for detail. I'm sure you have heard of it :) I took a seat on one of the piers and cast out my rod :) *sigh* How wonderful was the silent, only a 80's playing sound machine sprinkled her music around ;) So and after 2 hours of fishing I can show my drafts ;) OK at some things I should check back with the owner loool
Some of my prizes: a bunch of orange goldfish, some blue bikini buttons (don't ask me for what they are?!), fishing hat box, some cyber salmon, some batfish (do they really exist?!), ha! a skeleton fish, butterflyfish dotty, origami fish, black betta, and so on....You haven't any idea how much you catch in 2 hours!!! But I'm still interesting what this blue bikini button is.. Hmm...Well, I'll log in and just wear it :) So if you are interested in getting some of such cute and funny prizes, come to the 7Seas Fishing Headquarter or to some of the other fishing places and start your own adventure and maybe you will find out what this blue bikini button is :) Hope to see you there!


  1. Do you mean bikini *bottoms*? And if you keep fishing, the top is out there too. The idea is to keep fishing so you have the complete set. :)

  2. Oh yes of course loool how do I come of buttons?!?! Yeah my fault. They are bottoms, indeed :)