Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wonderful Good Morning to all :)

Today I'll start my new hunt. "MEYA" Poses sent out a group notice about the NCI St. Patrick's Day Hunt at Hope Valley. From March 13th till March 20th you can find lovely gifts at over stores :) How nice is that????!!!! Since my last hunt (lips hunt) I can't get enough of such hunts loool but I decide which hunt is interesting for me and brings me lot of fun. I don't join each one :) Yeeessss!! I'm picky loool But who cares???!?!! It should make fun and not turn out as stress. If you are interested in the NCI St. Patrick's Day Hunt at Hope Valley, take the teleport and join over tousends of participants in hunting after the gold treasure. What else is to say?! Ahhhh right :) "The Luck O' The Irish!" You look out the window and the weather makes you tired, so then! Come on and join us the more the better and funnier it is :) We see us there!!

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