Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some last steps...

and then it is ready to show up :) My latest SL project gets in the final phase. Didn't know that to manage and arrange all takes so much time and energy :) But well, finally I found an adorable land! You have to see it! It has a breathtaking view over the ocean, a relax space and the best thing a big house :)
Some details about my project. I opened a class for romance, where people can come and attend to learn more about romantic and love, to show you in a few easy steps how to adore you love one. More details about schedule and so will follow :) Remember? Rome wasn't built in a day too loool All needs their time :) But when you got nosy, here is the LM "The Edge of Romance". You can look around and with the TP you can go up to the gift store. It's worth a look, because the creator invest a lot of time and love in his creations. To this moment his creations were only available on Xstreet SL. :) If you have any questions or suggestions pls don't be shy and let me know. The more ideas the more th eplace will get adorable and lovely. It should be also a place to hang out and relax. If somebody need some minutes of anonym talk, support or help. My partner and I will be glad to be there and to help you.
I also thought about to give newcomers in art a chance to exhibit their works. If you are interested and search for a place to show your works, please IM me InWorld for further informations.

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