Thursday, May 28, 2009


It was such an adorable, lovely, gorgeous party! Mariko Nightfire and Jaysun Dagger organized a great party on Mariko's sim Opar. What an amazing sim! Btw. created also by Kaja Lurra ;) Surprised?! I'm not loool Together with Mariko, Kaja designed a wonderful, inspiring sim. And these lovely, japanese lanterns. Awwww! We started at the meadow behind the Southpoint Yacht Club. We got the order to bring our horses with us. Well, when I get such an order, I want to wear the best matching outfit ;) And so it happened that I spend almost my whole afternoon in searching for the best clothes. I checked out each possibility. But it is, indeed, very hard to find clothes which I have on my mind. I wanted to look awesome, handsome, with a little sparkling of dangerous. Looool I delved among websites, tp'd from one shop to the other one, until I found the right outfit :)

I was really sad, because I love to take pics, but the more people on a sim, the more my graphic card doesn't like it. And so I only can look on Kaja's friends blog ;) But they took wonderful pics of the unique moments of Kaja's Birthday party.
See them on Mariko's and Lessa Donner's blog ;) Girl's? I adore your pictures!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful, memorable evening with Kaja's friends ;)

Horse: S Haras Black Horse - Western Style


SF Designs Trench Coat - Charcoal
The Maverick Western Outfit 1.5 (Shirt, Undershirt, Western Bowtie) seen on Xstreet SL
Hat by Deadwool Aidan Hat dark/laced

Weapon: 1873 Peacemaker silver version seen on Xstreet SL

On the next morning, Kaja sent me her Birthday Book, which she got from Lessa. Studying through the great pictures. Lessa packed the pictures into a SL book and it's soooo cute! You only need to sit there and to enjoy ;) Thank you to Kaja for sending me and thank you to Lessa to made such a lovely memory :)

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