Saturday, May 30, 2009

A tribute to Second Sweden...

with a sad heart, Kaja showed me one of her famous work in landscaping, Second Sweden. On 29th of May this year, Second Sweden performed their last SL presence. Kaja were a part of this great place. Together with her friend Carina, she built up an adorable place in SL, Stockholm’s Old City, Gamla Stan. Second Sweden were built to bring people from all over the world together.

It didn’t matter for what you were looking. Dancing, shopping, wandering, eating, drinking, listening to music or just hanging out with your friends. And at the cute pizzeria, you had a great view of the typical Swedish houses. I want to show you some pictures of Second Sweden, taken by Kaja Lurra. Second Sweden will be gone, but never forgotten in the minds of the creators, founder and supporter.

Kaja's favorite side street of Stockholm’s Old City, Gamla Stan

It invites to relax and to enjoy the atmosphere

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