Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to Sheriwood

My dear friend invited me to an exploration through the forests of Sheriwood. I'm nosy and so I joined her :) Well, before you get there, you should really change your clothes. Loool The elves didn't look very excited when I got there in my jeans, shirt and baseball cap ;) But no worries, you can get free clothes for female and male at the welcome area. The places, Tirion Upon Tuna & Tirion Hunting Forest, are lovely! Walking through the nature, explorering hidden caves. Please be carefully! There are dragons! No, I'm not kidding! Per accident we fell in a dragon cave and there were pieces of the last victim. The best part of their philosophy is: "It is forbidden in our lands to destroy life." The RP based on the books and stories of the literary works of Tolkien.

After my feet started to hurt, we decided to sit down and let flow our both impressions.

Sheriwood lives in harmony with a group of loosely-related Sims known as the Builders of Arda (BoA). It is, indeed, worth a trip! The inspiration and the love for details reflects at these places.

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