Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Bye Cetus Gallery

Once again it's time to say Good Bye to an amazing place of SL. I wrote about the Second Sweden, which left SL on 29th of May this year, now I want to write about Cetus Gallery and show some pictures of this place. We all know SL provides and supports a lot of individuals to get connected. Also the Cetus Gallery was one of them. It brought artists and people from all over the world together and to share their experience and ideas.
Well, SL hosts a numberous of galleries and places where artists and admirer can meet and discuss about their works. And one of them were the Cetus Gallery.
An adorable building created by Kaja Lurra. She always fascinates me with more of her work. Cetus Gallery was founded in the year 2006 by Xander Ruttan, who describes himself as an SL estate developer and community builder. RL, Ruttan is an arts and culture writer, an artist and musician and a former assistant director of a contemporary art gallery.

I think at this point pictures are saying more as tousend words ;)

Street view

now empty gallerie rooms :(

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