Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How long didn't I post?!?!?!

Hmm, I'm sure over some weeks ago :) Well, I have to confess, I needed the time. RL kept me busy and SL didn't fit in my life. So I took some weeks off :) But! Yesterday, I thought about my blog when I met this girl in SL. She is amazing! Her work adorable! And so I decdided to reopen my blog again. I want to show you her work. Kaja of Sweden photography! Her RL and SL art is amazing. Per accident we met loool no news I always meet interesting people per accident :) We started to talk and later she showed me her gallery in SL. I was so fascinated that I had to buy a work of her. We talked about Koinup too, where she uploaded her SL pictures. Kaja loves to explorer SL and when she finds interesting places which catches her eyes, she takes pictures of it. Well, who not?! Loool Visit her gallery and have a look on her Koinup site ;) I bet you will be fascinated too :) It's amazing how SL brings people together *ivd*
I will start soon back to my old blog schedule, all needs their time ;)

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