Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kaja Lurra

Some posts ago I told you about Kaja Lurra. Well, it was funny how we met looool Kaja was very honest and told me, she has chosen me, because of MY shoes! :)

Kristian Ordinary: but i guess all girls are picky
Kaja Lurra: I am :)
Kaja Lurra: And I picked you lol
Kristian Ordinary: hmm thats right :)
Kaja Lurra: Because you have good shoes and a nice shirt and looks nice :)
Kristian Ordinary: well there are a lot of guys so im sure it wasnt so easy to pick :)
Kaja Lurra: Well you were the only one who was not a noob lol
Kristian Ordinary: thats the only reason why u picked me?
Kaja Lurra: no you have nice shoes also
Kristian Ordinary: lool

But anyway, this adorable lady isn't only a great RL and SL photographer, she is one of the famous landscaper of SL. Kaja showed me her sim and it was amazing! She knows how to set details and the right accent. Do you get nosy? ;) I'm sure. If you would like to see more of her landscaping work, you get the chance! TONIGHT!! See Kaja Lurra at the Meta Makeover show! Join us at 2pm SLT!! Designing Worlds studios on Northpoint!!

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