Monday, June 1, 2009

Get lost at Opar

Are you nosy? Like me? Yes? Hmm, then you should visit Opar! A virtual massage for your soul. A romantic hide out for you and your love one, your special one. Arm in arm amble through the wide meadows of Opar. Enjoy the silent and the fantastic atmosphere brings you in a better mood, flying up to the highest point of Opar, standing there and inhale this free, honest air. :) I really enjoyed my visit at Opar and I'm sure you will too. Find the Hidden Forest, take a walk to Opar's Wild Shore and fall in love with such an adorable creation by Mariko Nightfire and Kaja Lurra. Surrounded by wild flowers, tall grasses and realistic trees, starts your walk. ;)

The Southpoint Yacht Club, a stunning italian villa, invites you and your beloved one to a dance under the amazing japanese lanterns. Coffee tables want you to take a seat and relax with a cup of delicious coffee. ;)

The name for Mariko's sim is easily to explain :) Opar is a fictional lost city in Edgar Rice Burrough's series of Tarzan novels. And Opar is a great place to hone your photoshop and windlight skills ;)

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