Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mushroomaniac ;)

When you have a new home, you try to make it so comfy as possible. I had a look on xstreetsl and found a lot of cute things ;). On my mind were to get a romantic and breath taking bath tub. I think after a lot of time and articles, I found a lovely one. Oh, it was one which I liked and also the style hmmmm lovely ;). But I learned from my mistakes on xstreetsl and so I decided to tp to this store. And indeed, wow, I was very surprised to see it InWorld and of course, I tried it out :).
You know me and I'm horrible nosy. Pfff. I had a closer look at this store, it's called Lauwarme Main Store at T2 Studio. The owner and creator, Emina Jewell, loves to create pieces with details. From a cute tea set up to jewerly or furniture, there is no limit set for her creative side :). She is from Japan and she also writes a blog, but, puuuhhh, I'm not very well in Japanese and so I tried the translator. Hmmm, well, bad thing at this, it only translate what the translator thinks it is to translate. Pffff. Anyway, Emina Jewell started around 2007 with jewerly creations and with the time her skills grew and her ideas are lovely. You also can see her stuff on xstreetsl :). You can read her blog, here and see her pics, here ;). Well, you shouldn't wonder about the language, I'm a visual person and so I only need pics, but you can try to use a translator, but I wouldn't, it messed up more as I understood. She also created a cute sofa set, called RoseSofa Set. Looks cute too. This time I choose to get these adorable mushrooms with 2 different sit animations, well only 80 L$. So, It doesn't cost the world and they look awesome in the garden. When I took the pics, you can see some little white sparks, which spread out of the mushroom. Cute!
And well, I couldn't resist. I had to go there again to get this lovely kitchen gardening set. Ok, the price were 250 L$, but as you can see, it's very relaxing and I do something productive :). Damn it! Where were the carrots again?! Pff This box isn't so big, that I can't find them!!! Pfff. I guess after this I need an extra rest on the couch in front of my TV. Hehehe
But guess what! I always forgot to get this bath tub! Damn it!! Loooool

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