Tuesday, July 7, 2009

JFTG Hunt Gifts 2nd Part

Soooo, I made also this hunt :) 70 stores..Hmmm...Well, wasn't very easy and the store owner are very tricky. Pfff But now I need a lot of time to unpack all the gifts and to try them out, as usual. I don't want to hide all my cool stuff loool. I like this one below:

JFTG Hunt number 26, Toxic Orange, Tronik Mask - Black

Cute isn't it??!! Hehehehe I bet, there are a lot friends which would love that I waer it alwalys :)

This is JFTG Hunt number 24, Robbish, shirt Rob - Style 1, pants Rob - Black Denim

I'm not sure about the shirt, it's very colorful and I'm not the type for such shirts, but I do like the pants :)

Ok, as you can see, I didn't get far :( But updates will follow :) Be sure!
Oh and when you would like to know, where I got this cute necklace, just in case. I got it from LacieCakes, it is called Black Cord Photo NL for men. It is soo adorable ;) You can put your own pictures in it, maybe a good gift idea for your beloved one?!

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