Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As the title of this post says, I tried out the Python outfit by Santero. Yeah looool. JFTG Hunt gift number ?!?! Hmmm, good question. Pfff I guess I should write such things down. I haven't any overview, now. Ok, wait! One sec, pls! Mah! By over 5000 items! Hey! Well, for a guy are 5000 items are a lot. We haven't so many shoes or clothes like girls :). Na, we have other stuff instead of it loooool. Oh hush! Shouldn't mention my Sex-Hud Looooool.

Anyway, I opened my gift number 45 (See! I founded it!) Hehehe, and put it on. Hmmm, well, I guess, I have to get used to it. Indeed, the jeans and the shirt WOW looked great, BUT! these shoes???? Not serious! Ok, they are the reason why the outfit is named "Python". Cowboy boots and the belt with Python texture. Na! Doesn't it sound interesting to you? Want to see the outfit in all the bright? Ok. Hold on!

So, I made a original one and a "Kristian" one. Hehehe. The shades are great! Awwwww. I look so cool :) I only took off the belt :( (not modify! Pff And I don't change my shape so that it would fit.) Well, the earrings were cute. I only changed the cowboy boots to my favorite KBoots and that was it. Added some of my accessories stuff and voila! There we go! :)

The gift comes with, the BlackOstrich Belt, Pentacle Ear stud gold (Gosh! Don't like gold jewerly!), Santero Python Blue Jacket, Santero Python Blue Pants, Shoes (as seen on the pic above) and the Santero Shades MidNight Mamba (Hmm Python? Mamba? Ok, shouldn't think about this part).
I guess, you have to decide on your own, if you like it or not ;). I can't help loool. So, I will wearing the shades, the jeans and the jacket...Hmm...Yeah, I like it! :)

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