Thursday, July 9, 2009

Favorite one

Yeah! I found again a favorite outfit from the JFTG Hunt ;). I always get so excited, when I find wonderful and good looking quality clothes. This set (pants and sweater) comes from GQ Fashion . Well, they haven't only great female clothes and stuff. NO! Also for us guys they have a small corner ;). Well, be honest! Better than nothing loooool. Today, I tp'd to the store and found a cute shirt and one pants on SALE!! Ha! Too bad, that I forgot to change money. Pfff. But until I have change it, I will wear this stunning outfit ;). I'm not helpless looool.
JFTG Hunt gift number 48, GQ Fashion, Super Dark Blue Wash Jeans, Sweater Black (the scarf I have stolen the scarf from the JFTG Hunt gift number 33, Hogwash, Scarf Hogwash - Rapture Scripted Scarf ;))

You shouldn't miss the ON SALE stuff!! Hurry, before they are sold out! :)

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