Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Before Sleep :)

I should get dressed. Well, today was a busy day, I sorted out old stuff and I opened new gift boxes. Yes! I know! I'm not done yet Pfff. Is it my fault, when the designers create such cool and good clothes?! I guess, not. :) You can't blame me for this ;).

So therefor, I don't want to hide this cute shirts ;) It came in the box of the JFTG Hunt number 59. And it looks soooo cute. Do you see the little kitty? Awwwww! It is showing her cute little tongue hehehe. Na, and the little sad panda?? Great! I do love these shirts. Well, they came with other shirts too, but hmmm, no, this 2 ones are my favorites. So did you get nosy?? I hope. You can get them until 31st of July, as gift hunt :). You can find them at "Before Sleep". Better you get there before it is sold out :). Bad part :( it isn't transferable! :(
Well, I thought, I would be done with this post, but when I wrote it, the title remained me on something....One sec! I'll show you....

HA! What do you say to this?? Looool. That's my Batman Pj's. I got it at the MHO Hunt, gift number 146 ;). Hmmm, well, as kid I loved it. The cartoon version was funny, stupid but, funny :). So now I wear my pj's and so I'm ready to go to bed. Nighty night, folks!

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