Thursday, July 2, 2009

There's a new hunt in town, guys!

And it is called the "Just For The Men! Hunt" ;). So one hunt is over and the next one is starting. Awwwww I love that. I guess it has to do with the summer, you know? In summer it's mostly the time where people aren't so often in SL. Maybe they try on this way to get traffic. Well, not sure, just a thought I had. Also for this hunt you will find a lot of hints on the hunt locations blog.

Since days, after I heard about a new hunt for guys, I cant wait to start with it. But as you know, exactly in these times RL keeps you busy :). But anyway, today I started at my first locaction the "Kmadd Store".

At the Juice Store, my beloved friend Taylia and I found this cute and crazy muesli bowl. Looool Well, the pose said "milk paddle", ok. So you look when you paddle milk???!!! It was fun, though. We laughed so much about all these funny and silly poses. Besides the muesli bowl there was a sign and for 250 L$ you can be also a proud owner of such a bowl. Looool Awesome, isn't it?!

Here from the front. I got, I guess, around 1 litre milk in my nose. Pffff But I heard milk is good for the skin. I'm Cleopatra!!! YEAH! Loooool
I liked the polo shirts there ;). Hmm, I have to go back there looooool.

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