Saturday, July 11, 2009

Naftali Torok

Today, I got a group notice for a live concert...Hmm..Well, you know me, I'm curious hehehe. And I thought a little break from trying clothes would be a good idea. Before my inventory would explode from all the new incredible gifts ;).

I took the SL cab and found myself at Music Island. The concert started at 1pm SLT and Naftali Torok was the artist. She is from Holland and WOW! I do love classic, especially when it is mixed with pop. It sounds amazing. She is one of the best SL artists, and she plays fiddle. But with such an abandon. Really impressive! Tonight, Naftali took us away to a musically trip through the roots of European music. We heard Bulgarian and Polish folk music mixed with gypsy jazz.
Please pay attention to the guy in the red circle! Loool I was the only one which wear the concert lighters Pfff. They haven't any sense for humor ;). I have to confess, I didn't understand each word. It was in a foreign language, but it wasn't important, because it was the sound the performing which fascinated me.

I made some snapshots :). And indeed, it was a very interesting event. For this I love SL. In this world there come so many people together, nevermind which race or language they speak ;).

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  1. Hya...blush...just found your blog message about my concert some time ago on Music island.Wow I am getting famous in SL....thanks for the sympathic review and welcome again.Will play again on sunday 12 sept (2010) same place at noon slt.more exiting worldmusic.Be my guest.
    with musical regards