Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Trip to...

Noman's Land Chernobyl 2009, a photographic exhibition based on photographs by random_nut (click random_nut for his pictures on flickr).On 26 of April 1986 at 0123am UTC one of the reactor at the Chernobyl plant, Ukraine, exploded. The explosion and the fire sent their high radioactive fallout into our atmosphere and covered a bright range of the Ukraine itself. This fallout was 4 hundred times more worst as the atomic bomb of Hiroshima, during World War II, 1945. The plume wandered over parts of western Soviet Union, Eastern, Nothern and Western of Europe, eastern North America and nuclear rain over Ireland. The Ukraine, Belarus and Russia were heavy contaminated. Over 336,000 people got evacuated.
In memorian to all people, which died and still contaminated through their family history, the Poets of Zarahemla opened a place in SL to show you pictures about the place and to bring you this horrible accident near. At this place you will find also a wonderful poem by Ingeborg Apfelbaum and Mathoni Zuhrah. Which inpires you, to think about it, in a closer way. A lot of people heard about it, but do we really know what happened their?

Well, I remember, when I was 8 years and we heard on the radio about this accident. We were shocked, devasted and scared. We knew it also could come to us and it is also possible that it could happen one day at us. I live in a country where we also have Nuclear Power Plant and I don't want to know, how many accidents there were without our knowing. At this time, it was forbidden to eat vegetables from open farms, animal products were controlled on a higher level. All were scared to eat something where nuclear rain fell down and got into the food chain. Indeed, it wasn't a good time at all. But we started to live with it, we learned to handle our daily life with the option we could get something which is contaminated. As kid, you worry about everything and anything. You have a closer view to things and closer feelings. I know we talked about it at school and we worried about the other kids there. Then after a while we heard about the Chernobyl children, kids which were born to this time. We saw pictures and we saw the pain and the fear in their kids eyes.

I don't want you to feel bad about what happened there. I only want you not to forget, how horrible we can be. We create things and don't think about it, how it could hurt others, could destroy their lifes or in worst cases, could change their life completly. Are we here on earth to destroy? Or are we here to find a balance to live together without hurting other people?

And don't forget to grab a copy of the POZ CHERNOBYL EXHIBITION SOUVENIR BOOK. I studied it at home and there are a lot of interesting parts in it.

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