Thursday, July 9, 2009

A touch of Surreal

Well, I'm still trying out all the gifts from the JFTG Hunt :). 70 gifts, soooo, a lot changing of clothes. And this for me!? I guess, I'm the only one which needs hours to change only a shirt Pfff. So be polite and understand that I can only go step by step with showing you the real good looking ones. Well, each of us has other style desires ;). I bet. For example, I'm very, really, very picky! Especially with jeans I have so my problems ;). In some clothes I look like a bounded sausage Pfff. And then I'm disappointed and the just bought stuff wanders into the "Wrong Shopping" folder :(. I don't think about the L$. I guess in RL I would be more carefully what I buy :).

So, I found this cute and good fitting jeans at Surreal ;). A nice looking store and a good sortiment of well done clothes.
JFTG Hunt gift number 37, A Touch of Surreal Design, Surreal - low waisted jeans (do I haven't a cute, hot butt?!?! Hehehehe)

Yes, I know! Pff I should change my shoes more, but you haven't any idea how comfy they are. Got them at KBoots ;) See one of my older post about it. Loool YES! Also found the shoes on one of the hunts :).
So see, the hunts aren't only for girls! And I promise you, it's a lot of fun. Ok, sometimes you get frustrated, when you search and search and cam and cam and you can't find it!!!! I always wait then on other hunters and check them out ;). Loooool
I have to go and to try out further :). Good Luck, buddies!!

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  1. Aww thanks for the kind words about my gift! We have moved now to a bigger shop and have lots more goodies on offer, come down and have a look :)