Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Once again...

I found a cute little store on a hunt ;). This one is very interesting, because they have belts with various buckles. So now it's you, which can choose between a fret belt or do you prefer a controller freak belt? Hmmm, what about a scientist belt? Yeah, sure this one would be better loool. The store is called END Main Store - do you like beans on toast? Cute, isn't it? Hehehe
Well, I'm not a fan of crazy accessories. I'm simple and old-fashioned. When I searched for the JFTG Hunt gift in the store (be sure they hide it very well Pff) I also found this cute and good looking pullover. You get this one in 5 different colors and it is unisex. The package includes and please pay attention on these items. 3 collar (L, M, S) to wear on chest, 3 collar (L, M, S) to wear on spine, this is very comfy, when you like to wear a necklace too ;). And also it includes the sleeves (R & L; L, M, S). For the price of 150 L$ you get a really good quality. I only had to adjust the collar, but well, show me one item in SL which you haven't to adjust or edit? :)

On this pic:

Pullover by END Main Store - do you like beans on toast? Old money pullover - red 150 L$

Pants JFTG Hunt gift number 21 by DYN Funky Clothes from the UK, DYN Jack Jeans

Pose by Essential Soul *A Little Lace II* Freebie
Wow! Look at this cute outfit!! Awwwww! I found a lot cute outfits there. Indeed, I should have a closer look at DYN looool. Very popular in female clothes, but the guy clothes didn't look so bad, too. Na, I guess at my next post ;).

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