Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everything new!!

So, I finally decided, I need a change...Hmmm, so I started to move my living room furniture, but I didnt like it anymore :( There weren't any cute poses in the couch and also it looked used. I checked out some interesting blogs for good looking and quality furniture. On my I-need-new-furniture-journey I found a really lovely store. It's called "Heart's Desire". I really can't remember, where I found it, but as soon I was at the store I made a LM. They sell all kind of furniture, also the ones which I so adore. These are furniture where you don't see the pose balls and when you sit on them, you get a menu and you can choose from them. Well, sounds like The Loft furniture ;). But I wasn't in the mood to get the next furniture from The Loft and I thought, there must be also other furniture stores out there :).

So I asked my friend, Taylia, if she could have a look, because it's always good to have a "girl-approved" furniture :). Na, who knows?! In SL you have to be prepared and you have to be spontaneous. Taylia loved them too, but the couches we tried out, I couldn't find the poses which I would like to have in it. So I gave up on this store, but still, it is a cute store, with really wonderful furniture and they upstairs you find a little romantic love corner :). Just in case you need a gift for your beloved one.

Also a very good place to look for furniture is XstreetSL. I do love this marketplace. There you find everything what starts with silly things and ends with useful things to make your SL even better. I went through a lot of interesting furniture, but then I saw it! Yes! This sounds good, I thought. After realizing that there isn't any demo to try out InWorld, I decided that 500 L$ wouldn't hurt me at all, if it would be not good enough for me. I'm sure you know this feeling, you just bought something really incredible and you can't wait to open it. Awwwww, I couldn't wait to recieve it! I got it, finally! I rezzed the box and opened it. Soooo, when I rezzed the first living room, it puts out everything. Well, the creator linked it so and of course! It rezzed in this way which I didn't want it! Pffff I had to move each furniture on myself. Why do I buy furniture in SL, when I have to move them all on my own like in RL!? Ok, minus for this. But a BIG plus for the furniture. I'm soo excited about it. It's lovely and it feels sooo comfy to lay on the couch.

But as you can see on the pictures, I didn't make a bad job. Well, it took my a lot of time and nerves, but in the end it was accomplished ;). The furniture is a creation by Pets Ulich, which owns a store in SL with a lot of accessories for beach settings.
Below some information about these furniture (I copied it from the XstreetSL site hehehe). So that you know what all you get for 500 L$:
- 3 plants, 5 prims each (+1 per shadow)
- 1 lamp, 3 prims
- 5 wall pictures, 2 prims each
- 2 amphoras, 4 prims each (+1 per shadow)
- 1 incense, 3 prims
- 1 chimney, 12 prims (+1 for shadow), with 2 animations on cushion.It has animated fire with particles, make some smoke,has flexi flames and crack fire sound
- 1 foot stool, 1 prim (+1 for shadow)
- 1 sofa, 3 prims (+1 for shadow), with 3 different sits
- 1 sofa, 6 prims (+1 for shadow), with 3 different sits for 2
- 1 sofa, 13 prims (+2 for shadow), with 5 different sits on cushion, 3 different sitson book, and 5 different couple sits
- 1 sofa, 12 prims (+2 for shadow), with 4 different sits on cushions, and 4 differentcouple sits
- 2 rugs, 1 pim each
- 1 low table with vase, 3 prims (+ 1 for shadow)
- 1 living room table, 5 prims, with 2 different sits
- 1 table, 5 prims, (+ 1 for shadow) with 4 cushions each with 4 different sits
- 2 tables, 10 and 9 prims (+ 1 per shadow) with 4 cushions each with 4 different sits
This you get ;). The furniture are no copy, no modify, no transfer. Sometimes annoying. And also the shadows aren't linked with the furniture which needs it. So you have to take care and be sure that you add also the shadow before you move it ;). All the pieces are phantom.
Well, I do love my new living room and this time my house doesn't look soo empty. Now I'll looking for some furniture for the rest rooms of my lovely home ;).

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