Monday, July 6, 2009

JFTG Hunt Gifts

I wanted to show you this adorable and cute shirt! As you can guess, I found it on my JFTG Hunt :). The store is not very huge, more small and the owner doesn't offer much clothes. But the clothes they offer are amazing! Please pay attention to this well made wrinkles. It looks like they would reflect their shadows on the shirt. WOW! Really wonderful work. I adore it. Ok, it isn't the gift. No, I saw this shirt there and had to buy it :). The store is called Robbish at Star Land.

The shirt is called "Rob" Black and White 1 You can get it for only 99 L$. Well, for this price to get such a good quality is still impressive!

Better to get there and check out the cute store. I will add them to my favorite clothes store :)

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