Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take a bow

You all know, how much I adore one of SL top photographer's, Monroe Snook. I remember, when I saw her art on Koinup. It was amazing. I couldn't stop looking at her art. She was one, which inspired me, to try SL photography with different windlight settings and now I'm addicted to it :).
A while ago, on 3th of July this year, the Zanphoria Gallery & Studio, which is located in the Avalon Art District of Tabula rasa, invited Monroe Snook to present her SL and RL photography art. Oh, Sapphoria Shilova, the owner of the gallery knows exactly who she invited ;). On the 2nd floor you find Monroe Snook's RL work and at the entry of the gallery are her SL work.

"Many of Monroe's works are award winning from various SL photo and Koinup SL photo contests. Her work has been featured in many blogs, SL magazine articles and SL Best of Best. She is a featured artist of Avatriat, has illustrated short stories, and has exhibited a few pieces SL photography in RL galleries. She is also a featured artist at the Museum of SL Photograhy, Orange Island, and part of a permanet exhibit at SL campus of Loyola Marymount University"
-- Monroe Snook's Information Notecard
It's hard to show you all her wonderful work, is it RL or SL :). Better you have a look on your own, because each of us has another view for art. For me she is one of the best and also others think that ;). So Eves Rodenberger and Monroe Snook are my inspiration ;). I know, I will never be so fantastic or will take such stunning pictures, but it' s good to have people, which inspire you.

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