Saturday, June 27, 2009

SL6B Part 2

After I got an offer of one of my "OPEN THIS END" group member, I found myself today on the SL6B exhibition again. We had a meeting point and we were there to greet the visitors and to show them our spanish exhibition sim, Wizard. To stroll through this sim was an experience on their own ;). We had a lot of fun and were fascinated about the creativity of the artists.
At the entry are walls. On one side of them SL picture and on the other side works of the RL photographer, Emanuela Baioni. An Italian artist with this special view for nature silence. Her work is amazing, still impressiv and have a saying.
"Elementi in gioco" and "Poesia visiva" (from left to the right)
"Geometrie", "La prima nebbia ", "Risalendo l'oscurita'" and " Anime sospese" (from the left to the right)

"Eureka", "Essenze" and "Libero di sognare "

Awwww, these art was amazing. You walked through the bubbles and then you heard a sound and, well I didn't see them, but Taylia swore there were whales ?

It wasn't me!! I swear! It was an accident. The ground was full with glowing sticks and when you walked through them, all fell. Loool Ssshhht! I say it was Taylia ;)

This one was amazing, awesome and unique! A field full of glowing, sparkling flowers, in the middle 3 sculptures and above them circles in all shiny colors and on these circles trees. But not only some trees, no, glowing trees. It is an impressive view with the midnight setting.

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