Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Big Bad Blogger Challenge 2009 started!!

Well, I decided (pinched from my dear friend Krissy), to sign up for this challenge ;) Today she told me about this and my first reaction: Do I blog soooooo bad????!!!! Ok, ok! It's a saying! Now I know looool Each day you learn new things, which pushes you forward in your life. Each morning starts a new day, a new challenge. Each day you ask yourself again and again...What will happen today?! Some are dreaming of a family, some are dreaming of an own house, some are dreaming of a new vehicle. But well, be honest to yourself, do we really need all this crap to be happy? I don't think so and I'm glad that I have my friends, my views and my values. A lot don't understand them, but this is their problem not mine. And if you don't like them, yeah, then don't ask to be my friend :) Anyway, I run off the topic...Yes, no news :) It is the little thing which count in our lifes. Ok, now I stop to hold a predict. She only meant it in a good way, to improve my writing skills. I love to write and she knows it ;) Excited about the post on Ch'know I will start with my first post, one per day.

Todays question: How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I started blogging last year. A friend and I created a blog about the romantic places in SL. It was a new experience and it was fantastic to give your thoughts words and to impress emotions with it. But always it is the same....Everything what makes someone happy, ends one day :( Today I regret it, that I deleted this wonderful blog (they should remove the delete button pfff), but it wasn't directly an ending....It was the beginning of something new. Often in life you have to let the past behind and go new ways on your journey ;) And I did. I found a new side in SL and started to blog about it. And there we go now ;) Yes, it enriched my life, indeed! To read all of this wonderful, fantastic blogs is already an enrichment ;)

And thanks to all, which are very patient with my writing and spelling. If you find a typo, you can keep them, don't need them back and NO! I don't pay for them :)

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