Thursday, June 4, 2009

Na wonderful!!!

Ok, thank you to my best friend! Pffff I'm now proud daddy of 2 cute chicken eggs!!! Well, often saw such eggs on different blogs and also my neighbours have an own chicken farm. So I KNOW about this eggs! So a little advice for the next time when your lovely best friend gives you something. DON'T TAKE IT!! It could be some of these eggs!! Hmm, now I have them in my house loool. How funny is that?! Normally they should live outside, but...Well, they need a lot of care and much love and much attention and a comfy home, so I thought my house would be a better place , because no one would kill them or do anything with them, when I'm not online. Ok, well, first I opened the notecard, hmm better to say notecards! 3 of them. So I started to read them and get, of course, lost in them. Pffff Ha! During I write this post they sneaked outside, ok now they are outside of the house. Na funny! But well they choose it :) I put a food there, so and now I'm waiting that they are eating. I hope they do! They are cute in some way lool Well, I will let you know when they grow further, at the moment it looks they have a grow stop, hmmm. Ohhhh, in case you want to gift someone special with such cute, nagging babies, then you should really visit SionChicken at Gothlauth. Buuuut! Don't forget the food. I read this "Only feed your chicken with Sion's biological chicken food to provide optimal health!" So don't forget the special food :) Take care of your future chicken and have fun with them :)

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