Thursday, June 11, 2009

RP in SL

Some days ago I decided to try out some RP (roleplay). I had a look at some RP sims and came to the result. I do western RP. ;) Well, I had my western outfit already in my inventory and so no need to purchase and spend a lot of L$ in new things. The first western RP sim was great! A lot of people, sim crashing, a lot of lag, new weapons and and and...So after searching for new weapons, I got tired. The sim, where the shops were, was laggy and so unsorted :( I ran around like a headless chicken! Pfff And after the sim crashed I decided to have a look at the next western RP. By accident I tp'd to the Wyoming Territory. My friend Kaja joined me and together we walked around. We were so impressed about the landscaping. Kaja told me there are 11 different sims! Oh wow! And they are so amazing. You have to see it on yourself. The founder and creators of these sims made a very good job. ;) At the arrival station you can get your "Observer" tag or you use the "Cripple Creek Meter". The RP time is "Victorian", so of course you have to wear the right clothes. Ladies, no blinging boots or mini skirts! :) I know some girls love to wear them day and night lool Btw. I'm not a fan of such girls, I prefer the cute, causual look ;) *vd*

With the "Observer" tag and the "Cripple Creek Meter" you also get the rules, textures, what is allowed and what not, weapons and fight HUD. So a lot of free important stuff. I remember at one RP, which I tried out once, I had to buy a lot Pff But here you get it for free. ;) After you attached all the important things, you are allowed to feel free and walk around. But don't forget! After you entered the RP, you have to stay in role. You are now at Savage Frontier 1860. Don't be scared about all the notecards titled with "rules" ;) There isn't a lot to read about it and that what you read, trust me, you will love :) It is a NO DRAMA ZONE. At one point I'm not sure about the rules :( They are writing, "Basic guideline: If something wasn't around in the 1860's, it's not available in role play either." But did a chewing gum vendor exist at the year 1860?!?! Hmm, I think I have to research that.
Anyway, we walked around and the people here are very friendly and nice ;) And the place isn't overrun. Which I really appreciate ;) For people which would like to explorer new things in SL is this the best place to sneak into RP. And it is an amazing place to take pictures too :) Come and relax at the stunning beauty....

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